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NBA, results: Lakers close ahead of Jack Nicholson. Sacramento hit in San Francisco

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NBA, results: Lakers close ahead of Jack Nicholson.  Sacramento hit in San Francisco

The actor hadn’t seen a live game in Los Angeles for two years. The Kings dragged by Monk play the beautiful tomorrow at home

Lakers advance ahead of star Jack Nicholson back to cheer after two years as Sacramento extends series to Game 7

Before the eyes of Jack Nicholson, who appeared after almost two years of absence back on the sidelines like in the Showtime days of Magic and Kareem and those of Shaq and Kobe’s three-peat, the Los Angeles Lakers sweep away the Memphis Grizzlies from these playoffs, materializing as they had to the 3-1 advantage gained in the first two home episodes and threatened by a complex Game 5 loss in Tennessee. The yellow-purples mentally and physically dominated the game right from the start, but dug a very deep groove in the game in the 3rd period, scoring 41 points against the Grizzlies who no longer seemed to really want to believe it. It was a convincing and structured performance by the Lakers, with the masterful Austin Reaves (11 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks) and a formidable D’Angelo Russell (31 points, 5/9 from three) to create and inspire from the dribble, embroidering the parquet with ideas and unpredictability. And then Anthony Davis (16 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks), spectacular in the paint and decisive in the most important moment of the match, between the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and finally LeBron James, who finished with 22 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds showing the usual boundless confidence in himself and, above all, in his teammates. Coach Darvin Ham’s team showed perhaps the best match of the series in terms of executions, pace and content expressed, exalting themselves through a wonderfully balanced and enthralling basketball. These Lakers, if they play with this awareness and with this synchronism on the role that each player must play on the pitch, will be extremely dangerous for everyone. Memphis fenced off the performance clearly and, despite some alibis, not excusable. And it’s not right to talk only about singles, even if Ja Morant (10 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals) shot 3/16 from the field, Desmond Bane 5/16 and Jaren Jackson Jr. 3/12, but it is more appropriate to note the fact that this team is not yet ripe to play a leading role in the playoffs. Because behind so much bravado, and sometimes it’s needed in the NBA to emerge, a little insecurity in one’s means is hidden, not too well. Here, the Grizzlies have disunited, they have exposed their fragility, and when you play against champions like LeBron and Davis at this level you just can’t afford it. The Los Angeles Lakers’ opponent will come out of the game 7 winner between the Kings and Warriors.

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The Angels: Russell 31 (12/17, 5/9 from three, 2/4 tl), James 22, Davis 16. Rebounds: Davis 14. Assists: Reaves 8.

Memphis: Aldama 16 (6/10, 2/3 da tre, 2/2 tl), Bane 15, Jackson Jr. 14. Rebounds: Roddy 6. Assist: Morant 6.

Golden State Warriors- Sacramento Kings 99-118 (3-3) And so, just when all or most of us thought that game 6 would be Sacramento’s last dance in these playoffs, why win in San Francisco, in the impregnable Chase Center, did not seem to be in their comfort zone, here is the surprise of surprises. The Kings beat the semi-unbeatable Golden State Warriors “home version”, tie the series and now they will play the decisive, and at this point historic, game 7 in their arena (ball of two at 21:30 Italian on Sunday 30 April). The performance of coach Mike Brown’s men was superlative for mental approach, executions and cohesion between the defensive and offensive phases. An identifying and mature test, which showed from the very first possessions a team that mentally hadn’t given up yet and that interpreted this game 6 in the right way, i.e. seeing it as an opportunity to be seized and not as a game in which it had no nothing to lose, because anyway, however it went, she would have come out with her head held high. Exceptional Malik Monk (28 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks), who frantically hammered the Warriors off the bench with essential and direct basketball pieces. Leader, on the other hand, De’Aaron Fox, who played over the hand injury and painted in his own way, putting his signature on this success in a profound way: 26 points, shooting 10/18 from the field, with 11 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 block in 37′. And with a Domantas Sabonis held back by personal fouls (out at 5:17 from the buzzer in the 4th period), a solid Keegan Murray still came out, who despite not too bright percentages from the field, scored with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Golden State has failed to establish itself and create its typical waves of partials that usually break the opponent’s spirit. The Kings had more, they hit back every time, often attacking them first, and built a double-digit lead that they never gave up for any reason in the world.

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Golden State: Curry 29 (9/21, 5/12 da tre, 6(9 tl), Thompson 22, Wiggins 13. Rimbalzi: Looney 13. Assist: Green 10.

Sacramento: Monk 28 (8/14, 3/6 Tuesday, 9/10 p.m.), Fox 26, Murray 15. Refunds: Murray 12. Assists: Fox 11.

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