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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Unveils Latest Generation Weapon in Display of Power

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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Unveils Latest Generation Weapon in Display of Power

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Introduces New Weapon in Display of Power

SAN SALVADOR.- Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele further solidified his image as a forceful leader by unveiling a photo of himself with a cutting-edge weapon. The picture, shared on his X account (formerly Twitter), shows Bukele proudly posing with a sophisticated weapon that resembles something out of a video game.

In the photo, Bukele declares, “The new weapons have just arrived,” without providing further details. The comment alludes to his controversial policy of purchasing weapons to combat crime, which has garnered him significant political support.

After hours of speculation, Colombian magazine Semana revealed the mystery behind the weapon. It is known as the DroneGun Tactical and is produced by the company DroneShield. According to the manufacturer’s website, this highly effective rifle is designed to shoot down drones at long range without destroying them.

The DroneGun Tactical utilizes high-performance directional antennas and an adaptable interface to configure the weapon according to the situation. It can select and activate the jamming frequency range to neutralize the target, offering a safe countermeasure against unmanned threats. The rifle’s prospectus states that when the jamming frequency is activated, the drones will either make a vertical landing in situ or return to their remote controller or starting point.

What sets the DroneGun Tactical apart from other anti-drone weapons is its range and the wide variety of frequencies it can operate on simultaneously. Equipped with a pair of batteries, the weapon can provide up to two hours of autonomy. The weapon’s prospectus emphasizes that it does not harm common models of drones or the surrounding environment.

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Recently, Bukele proudly showcased his security campaign in El Salvador at the UN General Assembly, claiming that his policies have transformed the country into the safest in the world. He emphasized the drastic reduction in homicides and the country’s progress towards achieving greatness.

Bukele’s aggressive measures against gangs, launched in March 2022, have received overwhelming approval from Salvadorans, with nine out of ten citizens supporting his crusade. These measures aim to dismantle gang control over neighborhoods, combat extortion, hitmen, and drug trafficking.

The Salvadoran President’s latest display of power with the DroneGun Tactical exemplifies his commitment to tackling crime head-on. As he continues to implement bold strategies, Bukele’s popularity and influence throughout Latin America remain strong.

*Video: Bukele’s assurance of El Salvador’s reference in the fight against gangs*

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