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Saudi Arabia has a plan for tennis masters | Sport

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Saudi Arabia has a plan for tennis masters |  Sport

When Novak is nearing the end of his career, the ATP calendar could be enriched for new masters, which would deprive Djokovic of an important record.

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The president of the Italian Tennis Association, Angelo Binagi, revealed that a real revolution in tennis awaits us. According to him, the first man of the ATP organization, Andrea Gaudenci, otherwise a great opponent of Novak Djokovic, could enter the masters in Saudi Arabia in the nearest time.

As in some other sports, especially football and Formula 1, Saudi Arabia has a plan for tennis, so there is more and more talk of investing serious money. They showed their intentions by organizing the match between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz at the end of this year, but are not stopping there as they want one of the most renowned tournaments of the new era of tennis – will be played right in their Jeddah.

What is problematic is that by “inventing” a new Masters, Novak Djokovic would be deprived of one record. Novak Djokovic is the only tennis player who has won all the Masters so far, so by adding another tournament from the category 1,000 – that record would be erased, and he would get a new task. We have no doubt that he would fulfill it, if of course he had enough time…

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ATP is preparing a blow for Novak!? They only care about money, this is how they will “erase” Djokovic’s record!

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“I am trying to convince Gaudenci that tennis is not like other sports. Saudi Arabia may be an attractive market, but stories that work, like ours, must be protected. You must not be afraid that Saudi Arabia will create a parallel structure, like in golf. And I hope the Masters 1000 that the ATP will give them to hold from January 2025, maybe combined with the WTA, will be enough to satisfy their desire in tennis. The season will start there. A revolution, for sure. But the ATP Finals must stay here “Binagi told the Italian media, referring in the end to the “final masters” in Turin.

What is problematic is whether Novak, if the tournament is held in 2025, will be particularly interested in playing in this tournament because then he is devoting himself to the Australian Open. Also, it will be interesting to see how much motivation Novak will have for tennis thenespecially if he wins the Olympics next year in Paris.

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