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the net path of the Swiss continues – OA Sport



21:46 Our LIVE LIVE text of Italy-Switzerland ends here. See you tomorrow with Italy-USA. Thanks for following the match with us. To all friends and readers of OA Sport have a good continuation of the evening.

21:45 Azzurri who remained in the game in the presence of the highly decorated Swiss champions for 3/4 of the match, once again confirming that they can tread these stages. In the standings Constantini and her companions remain in second position with 6 wins and 3 defeats. Lead Switzerland with 8 victories in as many meetings.

21:43 The clear path of the Swiss continues, who also this evening have not given any opening to their opponents. Italy’s situation remains excellent. However, a victory against the United States is needed, a match that will be played tomorrow at 14.00.


21:37 And three more points arrive for Switzerland, which closes it here with an early end.

21:34 Another great shot by Paetz, really perfect tonight. A new end is looming clearly in favor of the Swiss.

21:30 We are in the middle of the ninth end. Swiss who run no risk, and wipe out the Italian guard.

21:26 Ninth end. Switzerland can play the last stone.

21:23 Impeccable Paetz, who grants the crumbs. Only one point arrives for Italy. Azzurre that shorten to 3-6 two ends from the conclusion.

21:20 Switzerland who manage to defend themselves very well even in this eighth end. Last two shots.

21:17 Error by Lo Deserto, who plays a short stone offering the possibility of a double failure.

21:16 Switzerland which removes the blue guard to protect two stones.

21:14 Faces of the blues on which a pinch of discouragement emerges. However, a couple of blunders arrive from the Swiss.

21:11 Eighth end. Italy will have the last stone available. However, we must remain with the mind in this match.

21:09 Three points from Switzerland arrive, but it could have been as many as 5. A small flaw, if we can call it such, by Paetz. With three ends from the end, the Swiss fly away on 6-2.

21:06 Sensational play by Paetz, who scores a double failure with a very high difficulty coefficient. It’s going badly, it could be the decisive hand of the match.

21:03 The stone played by Stefania Constantini is too narrow. House crowded with stones in these final stages of the seventh end. There is an Italian point, but Switzerland has two stones at its disposal.

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20:59 Let’s try to limit the damage. Azzurre who are playing an excellent game, but the Swiss are perfect.

20:56 4 shots per team at the end of the seventh end. Three stones to the point for the Swiss, but the game is very open.

20:53 Two blue guards, and two Swiss stones in the heart of the house.

20:50 Seventh end. We need a stolen hand from Italy.

20:47 Switzerland does not concede any errors, leaving only a small point to the blues. We are still in the game in the presence of the outgoing champions. After six ends Italy 2 Switzerland 3.

20:43 Last two shots per team. Italy has the possibility of closing the gap, but you can’t go wrong because the Swiss are vigilant.

20:39 Perfect hit and run of the Swiss, who thanks to their advantage play aggressively by filling the house with yellow stones.

20:35 We start again. The sixth end is underway. The blues will have the last pitch available.

20:30 Break. See you soon with the second half!

8:28 PM Too bad! Almost triple Constantini’s rejection, but we’re still limiting the damage by leaving two points to Switzerland. Swiss players who take the lead 3-1 in the middle of the match.

20:25 Error by Marta Lo Deserto, who hits the opponent stone on the short side of the house, allowing three Swiss stones to enter the house. Not an easy situation two shots from the end of the fifth end.

20:23 The game resumes.

20:23 Match temporarily suspended. There are problems with the ice.

20:21 Marta Lo Deserto’s double failure was perfect, but the advantage is always Swiss.

20:20 We start again. Last 4 shots of the fifth end. Italy must limit the damage by not having the last stone available.

20:17 Delicate moment for the Azzurri, who call time out.

20:16 The hit and roll of the second Swiss player is also perfect.

20:14 Howald wipes out the Italian guard.

20:12 Giulia Zardini Lacedelli places a guard. Now it’s up to Angela Romei.

20:10 Fifth end, we are approaching the halfway point. For the first time the Swiss will have the last shot available.

20:06 Great play by Stefania Constantini. The blues decide to go for the point by trying an extremely precise shot. Matters of millimeters, the Italian point arrives. 1-1 after 4 ends against Switzerland.

20:02 Difficult situation with two point stones for the Swiss when the last two pitches are missing. You risk a new stolen hand.

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20:00 Marta Lo Deserto rejects, but our stone widens too much. There is always a Swiss point right now.

19:57 4 shots at the end of the hand. Switzerland which continues to grant the minimum possible.

19:54 The fourth end is underway. The blues have to start scoring points.

19:50 Nothing hand. That’s okay. Excellent last pitch by Constantini, which takes away the Swiss stone, coming out of the house. It remains on 0-1 and with the last Italian shot also in the fourth end,

19:47 Paetz’s shot is perfect, cleaning the house from the blue stones. It’s up to Stefania Constantini.

19:46 Two shots at the end of the third end. There is an Italian fine stone, but now Paetz has the possibility of signing a double failure.

19:43 Series of rejected and counter rejected. We are approaching the decisive shots of this third hand.

19:41 Great opening by Romei, who redeems himself after the mistakes of the second end. Eliminate the two opposing guards.

19:38 We are in the third end. As happened previously, also in this case Italy will have the last stone at its disposal.

19:35 We can’t save the hand, trying an ambitious last shot in the hope of putting two points on the scoresheet. The Swiss stone remains in the center of the house, and it is therefore 1-0 for the Swiss.

19:32 A stone, moreover well hidden, for Switzerland when only one stone is missing to close this second end.

19:29 Last two stones for each team. We risk the stolen hand, we need a great Constantini.

19:26 Great play by Marta Lo Deserto, who evades the two Swiss guards with extreme precision by leaning on the yellow stone in the center of the house.

19:24 Second end to forget for Romei, who hits the opposing guard, also nullifying the second shot.

19:22 Romei’s mistake, which smoothes the support on the Swiss stone located in the center of the house.

19:19 The second end is underway. Switzerland who immediately places a high guard, but misses the promotion with the second shot.

19:16 Boccia and goes out with the Constantini swing. First end cancelled. Italy that will have the last shot also in the second end.

19:13 It’s time for Stefania Constantini. Last two rolls, there could be a void hand.

19:10 Tirinzoni’s mistake, but we don’t take advantage of it due to an unsuccessful play by Lo Deserto.

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19:10 Excellent hit and roll by Angela Romei. We’re in mid-end, so there are 4 shots left for each team.

19:08 Italy which for now rejects the Swiss stones at home.

19:05 Last stone draw won by the Azzurri, who will therefore have the last stone available.


19:03 Here we are. It’s time for the presentations of the athletes. Italy-Switzerland is about to begin.

18:58 New Zealand-Denmark, United States-Sweden, and Korea-Canada are also playing at the same time.

18:55 The Italian lineup is very confirmed, with Stefania Constantini skip, Giulia Zardini Lacedelli, Angela Romei, and Marta Lo Deserto.

18:53 Swiss training with Silvana Tirinzoni skip, Alina Paetz, Carole Howald, and Briar Schwaller-Huerlimann.

18:49 Italy which in the early afternoon brilliantly overcame the difficult Japan, hoisting itself into second position in the single group. Round robin led by defending champion Switzerland.

18:45 Good evening and welcome back to the LIVE LIVE written of Italy-Switzerland. In just over a quarter of an hour, the direct clash between the first two forces of the 2023 World Cup round robin will begin.

Good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE text of Italy-Switzerland, eighth match of the round robin of the 2023 Women’s Curling World Cup. On the ice of Sandviken (Sweden) the Azzurri challenge the reigning champions in a match that promises to be highly technical.

After the good victories with Denmark and Sweden, the Italian team raises the bar, presenting itself in the presence of the Swiss champions boasting a solid second position in the standings. Stefania Constantini, Angela Romei, Marta Lo Deserto and Giulia Zardini Lacedelli they have to keep their concentration high to detach the pass at least for the quarter-finals.

We remind you that the first two classified in the single group will go directly to the semifinals, while from third to sixth place you will have to go through the quarterfinals. Switzerland still undefeated, which wants to reconfirm the title conquered in the last edition of the world championship event.

The challenge between Italy and Switzerland will start at 19.00. It will be possible to follow the event live on TV on Eurosport, and in streaming on Eurosport.it, DAZN, and Discovery. OA Sport will offer you LIVE LIVE written end by end of the match. Have fun and go blue!

Photo: LaPresse

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