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the rapper left home last Sunday – breaking latest news

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the rapper left home last Sunday – breaking latest news

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez broke up: the rapper left home last Sunday. The indiscretion, which the Corriere can confirm, comes from the Dagospia website.

Furthermore, it appears that the entrepreneur will be a guest of Fabio Fazio on Che tempo che fa sul Nove on Sunday 3 March.

At the basis of the breakup, the recent legal troubles of the entrepreneur and influencer: «Since last year’s Sanremo, the love story between the two had cracked but the influencer had postponed any decision to stay close to her sick husband . When she found herself in difficulty, however, Fedez was less generous, accusing her that her legal problems were also having negative effects on her business. A game of recriminations in which Fedez raised the tone of the conflict while she tried to keep the situation under control. Then the rapper’s escape to Miami with his assistant, and finally his leaving home »writes Dagospia.

Fedez’s latest Stories on Instagram (dating back to Wednesday 21 February, ed.) seem to have been published from a place other than the luxurious CityLife apartment in Milan, into which the now ex-couple moved last November. In the last few hours, Ferragni has published two stories which, in light of the news, seem to suggest a change. In fact, the entrepreneur shared an image of a book with a dedication: «In life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is to stop.” And then a second, in which you read “The power is not out there, it’s in you”, which translated means: “The power is not out there, but it’s inside you”. And then a video in which she does pilates with the reformer, at home, published on social media when the news of the breakup was already in the public domain.

The love story, the marriage, the two children

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Ferragni and Fedez had been married for five years: the couple said “I do” on 1 September 2018 in Noto, Sicily, in front of their friends and their respective families. The two had already had their first child, Leone, born on March 19 of the same year. Almost three years after the wedding, on March 23, 2021, their daughter Vittoria Lucia Ferragni was born. What sparked the spark between the two was the song (by Fedez and J-Ax), the hit song of the summer of 2016, Wish for but not placed: in one verse the rapper sings “Chiara Ferragni’s dog has a Vuitton bow tie”. Thus the two began to get to know each other and then to date. The first public photos of the couple are from September 2016: an exclusive from the weekly magazine Chi which showed the two at dinner in the restaurant of Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa in Milan, where the influencer lived. The first photo together on social media arrived a month later: a shot of them together wearing the same sweatshirt from the Famt – Fuck Art Make Tees brand which bears the writing: “I’m not a rapper”. We saw the rest carefully documented on both of their social networks: the long-distance dating, between Italy and the United States (where she lived for a good part of the year), the consolidation of the story up until the marriage proposal, on 7 May 2017 (the day of Chiara’s thirtieth birthday) during a Fedez concert at the Verona Arena. With a song dedicated to her, he asked for her hand in front of thousands of people. “We don’t need rings to keep us together, but to ask you what I’m about to ask you, maybe yes,” he had said, putting the ring on her finger.

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The couple shared – and told, through their social networks and the Amazon Prime series “The Ferragnez” – the birth and growth of their two children (who have a double surname), the Covid pandemic spent in Milan, in their first home together with Citylife, the awarding of the Ambrogino d’Oro, Fedez’s tumor, Ferragni’s experience in Sanremo as co-host. To tell the truth, there had already been talk of a crisis a year ago, right at the end of the Sanremo experience: on the last evening of the Festival he had kissed Rosa Chemical on the stage of the Ariston (competing in Sanremo, ed.), causing the Ferragni’s disappointment at her husband’s inability to stay at her side without putting himself at the center of the scene. After months of indiscretions (the two had shown themselves much more distant on social media, so much so as to have led followers to think of a separation), it was the Ferragnez themselves who told it in the special of the Amazon Prime TV series dedicated to the Sanremo experience .

It seemed calm had returned, then with the explosion of pandoro gate the two would move away again, this time permanently. Fedez immediately tried to defend Ferragni, then the couple’s appearances on social media became rarer until they disappeared. One of the latest dates back to Valentine’s Day: the two had been out for dinner, in a private room at Carlo Cracco’s restaurant in Milan.

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