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The relationship with China is the highlight of the G7 Hiroshima Summit – Le Monde

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The relationship with China is the highlight of the G7 Hiroshima Summit – Le Monde

The tension between China and the United States has escalated. In order to distinguish itself from the United States, which likes to confront China head-on, France has proposed clear rules and conducted international cooperation within a rule-based framework. France wants China to make it clear that Russia must withdraw from all Ukrainian territories. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida wants to use the G7 summit to reach a consensus on relations with China between Biden and Macron.

Hello, I’m Anthony, and welcome to Le Monde’s summary. The relationship with China is the highlight of the Hiroshima G7 summit. This is a key headline of the French newspaper Le Monde today. From May 19 to 21, political leaders from the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Japan and Canada gathered in Japan. Le Monde said that China supported Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. In this context, Western countries want to clarify the rules of the game with China, an emerging superpower.

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So according to Le Monde, how does China support Moscow’s actions in Ukraine? The newspaper said that since Russia invaded Ukraine, Xi Jinping has not condemned Moscow and has not sanctioned Moscow. Beijing wants to intervene between the West and Russia, hoping to avoid conflict.Li Hui, China’s Special Envoy for Eurasian AffairsGoing to Kiev on May 16 and 17, he will also go to Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw.

In this regard, France’s attitude is: I hope China will clearly point out that Russia must withdraw from all Ukrainian territories. Because one of them is the aggressor and the other is the invaded, it is not enough to demand a ceasefire. The most basic requirement is that Russia withdraw from Ukraine. Therefore, France believes that it is necessary to discuss the scope of armistice negotiations with Beijing.

As for the attitude of the European Union, according to the words of the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Bourrell, if China does not use their powerful influence on Russia to end this war, we cannot maintain normal relations with China.

This time in Hiroshima, the leaders of Western countries will also discuss how to better implement the sanctions against Russia and limit the loopholes in the sanctions against Russia that have emerged in Turkey and China. The two countries did not take the sanctions against Russia seriously.so yesEight Chinese companies export products containing sensitive technologies such as semiconductors and integrated circuits to Russia. The EU is preparing to impose trade restrictions in spite of China’s opposition.

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that Ukraine’s today may be East Asia’s tomorrow. Although he didn’t mention China by name, Le Monde said that the target is clear; what Russia’s Putin did, Xi Jinping can do to Taiwan, not to mention that the Chinese President is not shy about saying that China may unify Taiwan by force.

Le Monde said that Japan this time asIt is of great significance to be the host of the summit of the heads of seven major economies. For decades, Japan has been constrained by the constitution to only form a self-defense military. But now, if there is a war, Japan may join the war with allies such as the United States. Therefore, in order to deal with new challenges from Northeast Asia such as China, North Korea and Russia, Japan wants to obtain corresponding arms.

In this context, France puts theThe summit of the seven major economies is called a geopolitical summit. An adviser to President Macron said that for France, the summit of the heads of seven major economies is not an anti-China summit.

The French Presidency explained that the tension between China and the United States has escalated, so it is necessary for us to clarify the rules. Within the framework of these rules, we can conduct international cooperation, and we can conduct international cooperation under the conditions we recognize. Le Monde said that France did this to distinguish itself from the United States, which likes to confront China head-on. Both France and the EU prefer to maintain a dialogue with China.

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Russia and Iran sign an international trade agreement, which is another key headline in the international edition of Le Monde today.On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Lacey witnessed the construction of the two countries remotely.Agreement for 164 kilometers of railway lines. The Ukraine war gave Moscow and Tehran a chance to restart dialogue. Both countries want to emerge from international isolation. According to Iran, after three years, the railway line will be opened. They are determined to find new transportation routes.

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