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Ukraine latest news. 007 USA, Putin may use nuclear weapons

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Ukraine latest news.  007 USA, Putin may use nuclear weapons


NATO: war could last until 2023. Putin: if NATO sends troops to Finland and Sweden, we will respond

Zelensky: Helping Ukraine win on the battlefield is what we need
  • Putin: “everything is going according to plan”

    “Everything is going according to plan.” According to reports from the Russian news agency Ria Novosti, it is Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of his visit to Turkemistan. As for the war in Ukraine, “the objectives of Russia’s war have not changed”: “the ultimate goal is the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the security of Russia itself”, explains Putin, adding that the tactics for achieving this goal “can be different”.

    Putin also said, quoted by Tass, that there has been no terrorist attack in Kremenchuk, noting that the Russian military does not target civilian targets.

  • GB, over one billion euros of new aid to Kiev

    The British government announced £ 1 billion (€ 1.16 billion) in additional aid to Ukraine, including air defense systems and drones, at the NATO summit in Madrid. The new funds will bring British military aid to Kiev to £ 2.3 billion, Downing Street said in a statement, calling the aid increase a “new phase” of Western support, which should allow the Ukrainian military to launch. counteroffensive.

  • Born, war could last until 2023

    NATO allies believe that the conflict in Ukraine will continue for the next few months and could last until 2023, according to sources from the White House.

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