Home Business 13 departments issued a notice to promote the consumption of green smart home appliances “green consumption concept” to open a new era of smart home appliances-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Network

13 departments issued a notice to promote the consumption of green smart home appliances “green consumption concept” to open a new era of smart home appliances-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Network

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13 departments issued a notice to promote the consumption of green smart home appliances “green consumption concept” to open a new era of smart home appliances-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Network

13 departments issued a notice to promote the consumption of green smart home appliances

Recently, 13 departments including the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Several Measures to Promote the Consumption of Green Smart Home Appliances” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). In making up for the shortcomings of the home appliance market, breaking through the blockages of home appliance consumption, and meeting the people’s new requirements for low-carbon, green, smart, and fashionable home appliance consumption upgrades.

The “Notice” proposes to carry out “trade-in” activities for home appliances nationwide to comprehensively promote the consumption of smart refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, ultra-high-definition TVs, mobile phones, smart kitchen and bathroom, smart security, smart office, smart health care and other green smart home appliances. Promote the omni-channel integration of physical business and e-commerce platforms, carry out experience activities for the debut of new home appliances, and create new immersive, experiential, one-stop home appliance consumption scenarios. At the same time, the demonstration and creation of smart business districts, smart stores and green shopping malls will be carried out to improve the consumption experience of green smart home appliances.

In addition, it is necessary to promote green and smart home appliances to the countryside, coordinate and make good use of relevant funds such as county-level commercial construction actions, and actively guide enterprises to focus on county towns and towns to transform and improve service outlets such as home appliance sales networks, warehousing and distribution centers, after-sales maintenance, and home appliance recycling. . Encourage household appliance production and distribution enterprises to develop green and smart household appliances that adapt to the characteristics of the rural market and the consumption needs of the elderly. Encourage qualified places to give relevant policy support to the purchase of green smart home appliances.

Chen Lifen, a researcher at the Institute of Market Economy of the Development Research Center of the State Council:The introduction of the measures is in line with the upgrading trend of household appliance consumption to smart and green transformation; on the other hand, from the supply side, by optimizing consumption supply to create leading demand, this is not only in line with the trend of consumption upgrading, but also in line with the direction of industrial upgrading. Promote consumption upgrading through industrial upgrading.

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“Real money” subsidy market is booming

Home appliances are bulk commodities that promote consumption recovery and release consumption potential. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, through “real money” subsidies, not only drive the sales of green home appliances, but also meet the needs of consumers at different levels.

The reporter walked into some electrical appliance stores in Nanjing, and almost every floor had advertisements about green energy-saving subsidies for household appliances, and many citizens were busy shopping.

Citizens of Nanjing:Today I came to take a look at the air conditioner. The original price was more than 5,000 yuan, and now the government subsidy only costs more than 4,000 yuan.

The person in charge of the store told reporters that at present, nearly 3,000 home appliances in the store that meet the standards for energy efficiency grades 1 and 2 can enjoy green energy-saving subsidies.

Mao Lei, manager of a home appliance store in Xinjiekou, Nanjing:Driven by government subsidy coupons, overall sales also doubled.

It is understood that Jiangsu launched a special campaign to promote consumption of green energy-saving home appliances, distributing 200 million yuan of “real money”, all TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, and range hoods with China‘s energy efficiency label of level 1 and 2 10 categories and more than 3,000 kinds of green energy-saving home appliances can enjoy financial subsidies.

Zhejiang has simultaneously launched a series of 100 consumer promotion activities and home appliance consumption monthly activities. It is clear that a maximum of 500,000 yuan will be awarded to large-scale trade enterprises such as home appliances that have an increase of more than 1 billion yuan year-on-year, and home appliance enterprises are encouraged to benefit consumers.

Zhu Jun, Chief Economist of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce:The cities, counties, and districts have a total of 2.3 billion funds to invest in promoting consumption, which should be able to leverage about 20 billion (consumption), and further improve the sense of gain and happiness of the majority of residents.

Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce:We will use three months to organize the 2022 National Home Appliance Consumption Season, organize a series of home appliance promotion activities, guide enterprises to launch more updated products and services, hold more first-time debut experience activities, and create more immersive and interactive activities. Consumption scenarios that provide consumers with more choices.

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Promote green and smart home appliances to the countryside to meet the needs of consumption upgrades

Small and medium-sized cities, counties and rural areas are the main growth space for household appliance consumption, and the growth rate in 2021 will be much higher than the overall market. The newly launched policy is also focusing on meeting the needs of rural households for consumption upgrades.

In a large shopping mall in Qingyun County, Shandong, Mr. Liu, a citizen, is carefully selecting a complete set of home appliances for the wedding room.

ShandongLiu Danyang, a citizen of Qingyun County:After walking around today, I feel that these green smart appliances in shopping malls are becoming more and more popular, which is also more in line with the lifestyle of our young people.

“Smart” has become the selling point of most home appliances as a standard function. Not only in cities, but also in home appliance stores in townships, products with Wi-Fi function are not uncommon in the market. Small appliances penetrate. Smart home appliances with a higher level of intelligence have begun to upgrade from single-product intelligence to multi-device interconnection and full-scene mode.

Mr. Bi, a consumer in Qingdao:I want to replace my parents with a refrigerator, buy a slightly smarter, greener, less worry-free one, which can be operated with a mobile phone. If they encounter problems, I can help them solve them remotely.

Improve the recycling system to promote the renewal and consumption of household appliances

While the consumption of green smart home appliances is accelerating and expanding, it means the elimination of a large number of traditional home appliances. Statistics show that in recent years, the average annual scrapping of home appliances is about 220 million, an annual increase of about 16%. Many home appliance manufacturers have actively carried out the action of the recycling target responsibility system.

In this waste home appliance recycling workshop in Sichuan, more than 50 master workers are dismantling used computers, and more than 20 kinds of parts such as circuit boards and displays will be further processed.

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Li Changgui, Production Manager of an Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in Sichuan:Waste appliances contain a lot of precious metals. Taking a computer as an example, for every ton of printed boards (circuit boards) removed, more than 10 kilograms of copper can be extracted.

In this household appliance manufacturer in Qingdao, Shandong, this low-carbon and environmentally friendly low-carbon polyurethane material has also been used in refrigerator production. Compared with refrigerators using traditional raw materials, carbon emissions can be reduced by 50%. In addition, polyurethane is a renewable raw material, and can be recycled and reused when the refrigerator reaches its useful life.

Wang Jian, a brand home appliance R&D designer in Qingdao, Shandong Province:While ensuring safety and health, we must recycle and reuse materials. We built a dismantling factory to dismantle the recovered old home appliances for secondary dismantling and use, ensuring zero waste.

For ordinary people, the “Internet + waste home appliance recycling” model also improves recycling efficiency. On some mobile apps, users only need to submit an application, and the system will evaluate and make a quotation, and soon after the appointment, a staff member will come to the door to collect them.

Relevant data show that my country’s current household appliances have exceeded 2.1 billion units, and the scrapped volume in 2022 is expected to exceed 200 million units. At present, China Renewable Resources Recycling Association has researched and formulated the “Recycling Specifications for Waste Electrical and Electronic Products”, which fills the standard gap in the recycling and circulation of household appliances.

Guan Shizhen, Deputy Secretary-General of China Circular Economy Association:Home appliance manufacturers use their own sales network and maintenance network to dismantle the recycled waste home appliances. On the one hand, they establish their own recycling system, and then in turn stimulate the front-end green design. Promote the circular development of resources.

(CCTV reporter Yue Qun, Li Chao, Wang Jialin, Shandong Taiwan Xu Xianze, Jiangsu Taiwan Weiyi, Li Zhiyang, Sichuan Taiwan, Li Mengna, Bi Yuan, Dezhou Taigong, Weiyong, Qingdao Taiwan, Cen Hao, Lin Qingyun, and Ma Yunbo)

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