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Apple Vision Pro National Bank version launch time revealed/Huawei P70 series price revealed

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“Apple’s Vision Pro Release Date Revealed, Huawei’s Dividend Sparks Heated Debate”

Good evening! Today is February 6th. Several tech announcements have recently been made that are causing quite a buzz in the industry. Here are some of the hot topics in tech news today:

1. The long-awaited release date for Apple’s Vision Pro in China has been revealed. According to reports, the Vision Pro is set to hit the Chinese market as early as April, with a price tag of around 25,000 yuan. Enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the launch, with some even resorting to finding “human flesh” methods to obtain the device.

2. The Chuimi S30 Pro Ultra sweeping robot has hit the shelves today, boasting impressive features such as a bionic dual mechanical arm, a 10500Pa suction power, and 70-degree hot water washing.

3. “Honkai: Star Rail” has officially launched on the Apple Vision Pro platform, adding to the platform’s growing library of games.

4. Details about the pricing and appearance of the upcoming Huawei P70 series have been leaked, hinting at a possible similar pricing structure to the Mate 60 series.

5. Xiaomi’s Mi 14 Ultra has obtained Rheinland’s flicker-free certification, positioning it as the most eye-friendly Xiaomi phone.

6. A new vivo tablet has passed 3C certification, and it is expected to be equipped with a Dimensity 9300 processor.

7. Audi’s RS 6 Avant GT has made its global debut, with a limited edition of 660 units, including 66 units for the Chinese market, set to launch in 2025.

8. A sneak peek at the interior of the new MG 3 has been revealed, touting a large central control screen and LCD instrument.

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9. Volvo’s first pure electric MPV production car, the EM90, has officially rolled off the assembly line, promising a new experience in terms of safety, luxury, and comfort.

10. Huawei’s announcement of a 77 billion yuan dividend for employees has sparked heated discussion about the company’s future financial prospects.

These exciting developments show that the tech industry is as vibrant as ever. Stay tuned for more updates as these products make their way to the market and into the hands of consumers.

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