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Google embroiled in controversy over AI chatbot Gemini – Wall Street Journal

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Google embroiled in controversy over AI chatbot Gemini – Wall Street Journal

Controversy Surrounds Google’s Chatbot Gemini

Last week, Google’s advanced AI chatbot, Gemini, faced backlash from users for generating historically inaccurate images and refusing to create images of white people. The controversy escalated over the weekend as Gemini’s responses to philosophical questions sparked criticism and condemnation from users.

Technology commentators, including Elon Musk, criticized Gemini’s answers to questions like “Who did more harm, liberals or Stalin?” Musk shared a screenshot showing Gemini’s response on his social media platform Say, further fueling the controversy.

The online backlash highlights the concerns that led Google to hold back its chatbot technology from the public in the past. This caution by Google has opened opportunities for startups like OpenAI and its backer, Microsoft, who gained attention with their viral chatbot ChatGPT.

Former Google employee Yash Sheth, now co-founder of AI startup Galileo, warned that rival chatbots could produce controversial responses if prompted similarly. Google, known for its trust among users, faces high expectations for accurate and reliable information.

In response to the backlash, a Google spokesperson stated that Gemini is a creativity and productivity tool that may not always be accurate. The company is committed to addressing issues where the chatbot does not respond appropriately.

Last year, Google announced restrictions on Gemini and other AI services regarding certain election-related questions, signaling efforts to limit AI output on controversial topics. Despite facing criticism, Google introduced Gemini for a subscription fee powered by its most advanced AI technology.

The controversy surrounding Gemini raises concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of AI models. Analysts question how the public can trust AI technologies, especially when they exhibit biases or misinformation.

Google’s stock price dropped over concerns about the controversy affecting the company’s new business ventures. Despite touting chatbots like Gemini as tools for creativity and productivity, issues with misinformation and biased responses persist.

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Google plans to restore Gemini’s image-generating feature in the coming weeks after apologizing for the inaccurate images and bias in generating portraits. The company faces calls for reform in its corporate culture and leadership, with critics suggesting changes all the way up to CEO Sundar Pichai.

As the debate over Gemini continues, Google will need to address the concerns raised by users and commentators to rebuild trust in its AI technologies.

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