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National Congress President Spends Lavishly on Disneyland Hotel Reservation

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National Congress President Spends Lavishly on Disneyland Hotel Reservation

Honduran Congress President Accused of Spending Thousands on Luxury Hotel at Disneyland

Luis Redondo, the president of the National Congress in Honduras, is facing accusations of spending a significant amount of money on a luxurious hotel reservation at the Disneyland amusement park in Orlando, United States. According to reports, the reservation at the Four Seasons resort amounts to a total of $18,275.40, which is more than 451 thousand lempiras.

The reservation receipt indicates that Redondo’s stay at the resort is scheduled for 11 days, from December 23 to January 2, 2024. However, the origin of the expenses remains unknown.

When contacted by Diario Tiempo, the general manager of the National Congress, David Reyes, claimed to be unaware of the information and refused to provide further details. Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Legislative Branch, Carlos Zelaya, denied the veracity of the information.

According to leaked documents, the nightly accommodation cost for Redondo at the Four Seasons Resort is $1,560. The resort boasts various luxuries, including a golf course, swimming pools, and proximity to Disney World.

Concerns have been raised about the source of the funds for this lavish trip, as it may have been financed by the National Congress. There are also calls for an investigation by the Public Ministry to ensure accountability and proper use of public resources.

Amidst the ongoing crisis in the National Congress, some lawmakers have criticized Redondo’s decision to take a vacation during a time of turmoil. Maria Antonieta Mejía, a deputy of the National Party, expressed reservations about the timing of Redondo’s vacation, given the legislative crisis that has plagued the Congress for several months.

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If it is found that Redondo used congressional funds for his vacation, it could be considered an abuse of authority and would warrant further investigation by the Public Ministry.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Honduran public and authorities will respond to these allegations surrounding the National Congress president’s extravagant vacation plans.

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