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Policy support + broad space for the construction of charging piles has been actively promoted by foreign investors to hold large shares_Oriental Fortune Network

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Policy support + broad space for the construction of charging piles has been actively promoted by foreign investors to hold large shares_Oriental Fortune Network

There is still a gap in demand,Charging pileIt is expected to usher in a golden period of development.

National Grid said it wouldCharging pilethe construction

According to State Grid, on June 12, Xin Baoan, Chairman and Party Secretary of State Grid Corporation of China, and Zhang Zhigang, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group held talks with Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee at the company headquarters.

Xin Baoan said that the company will do its best to ensure the supply of electricity during the peak summer, promote the steady generation and increase of supply of various power sources, and strengthen load management; accelerate the high-quality development of the power grid, and promote keyConstructionto speed up the digital transformation of the power grid; actively assist the green and low-carbon transformation, andnew energyGrid-connected consumption, promotionCharging pileConstruction and supporting power grid transformation.

Since 2023, the charging pile policy has been intensively catalyzed, which is good for the vigorous development of the market. On April 6, the National Energy Administration issued the “Guiding Opinions on Energy Work in 2023”, indicating that it is necessary to promote the construction of charging infrastructure and improve the service guarantee capabilities of charging facilities; on April 28, the Political Bureau meeting mentioned for the first time that the development of charging piles should be includednew energyInfrastructure sequence; on May 5, the National Standing Committee reviewed and approved the deployment to accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure, and proposed “moderately advanced construction of charging infrastructure” and so on.

HuaxinsecuritiesHe said that with the introduction of the top-level design and the follow-up of local measures, the charging pile policy is expected to continue to exceed expectations. Policy and demand resonate, and charging piles usher in a golden period of development.

According to data from the China Charging Alliance, as of April 2023, the cumulative number of charging infrastructure nationwide is 6.092 million units, a year-on-year increase of 95.9%.Great Wall SecuritiesIt is believed that there is an obvious structural problem of insufficient public charging piles in my country at present. The ratio of vehicles to piles is 2.51:1, and the ratio of public vehicles to piles is 7.29:1. There is a large demand gap for public charging piles in my country that has not been met. In the future, my country’s charging piles will There is still plenty of room for construction.

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Foreign investors hold these charging pile concept stocks

securitiesTimes·Databao sorted out the charging pile concept stocks with the latest foreign holdings of more than 500,000 shares, a total of 24.

In terms of scale, there are only 100 billion market capitalization stocksGuodian NARIOne, with a latest market value of 177.07 billion yuan, is a listed company under the State Grid.otherwiseSiyuan ElectricLongshine TechnologyTreadThe latest market value of more than ten stocks is more than 10 billion yuan.

Guodian NARIRecently, he stated on the interactive platform that in recent years, the company has actively deployed and developedenergy storagecharging piles, IGBT and other emerging industries, related products and solutions have been successfully applied to many projects.

In terms of foreign shareholding,northbound capitalrightGuodian NARIThe latest holdings of the company topped the list, reaching as high as 1.159 billion shares; for most concept stocks with a market value of tens of billions, they also maintained positions of more than 10 million shares.Among them, forXJ ElectricThe number of shares held exceeds 100 million, which is 102 million shares; the company’s charging piles are mainly high-power DC piles, and its products cover conventional AC-DC charging piles, V2G, orderly charging, high-power charging, super fast charging,Wireless chargingand other products.

Compared with the end of April, foreign holdings of most individual stocks have increased significantly.EASTINVTCostaChangyuan GroupDayang ElectricXJ Electric6 shares increased by more than 25% and the latest position was more than 20 million shares.Guodian NanruiheSiyuan ElectricPositions fell slightly, less than 2%.

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At the beginning of 2023, the concept of charging piles ushered in a wave of rise, and then maintained high volatility. The average increase of the above-mentioned 24 stocks was as high as 13.12%.inWanma sharesSoared 51.39%,INVTup 49.15%,Yingjie ElectricTreadYinhe ElectronicsCollectively rose more than 35%.individual stocksachievementThe performance is also outstanding.INVTCostaWanma sharesWait for 6 shares in the first quarternet profitDoubled year-on-year; Guodian Nanrui also had a year-on-year increase of 38.68% in the first quarter, with a net profit of 526 million yuan.

Photovoltaic Association issued an urgent clarificationannouncement

In the early morning of June 13, China Photovoltaic Industry AssociationCPIA urgently issued a clarification announcement on the news that photovoltaic practitioners were taken away in Germany.

The association stated that regarding the media reports of Chinese photovoltaic practitioners participating in the Munich Internationalsolar energyThe China Photovoltaic Industry Association attached great importance to the matter of being taken away for investigation during the Technology Expo. It is understood that the person involved is only assisting in the investigation and has returned to the hotel. Only one person assisted in the investigation this time, and it did not involve many Chinese photovoltaic companies reported on the Internet, and there was no situation in which multiple personnel assisted in the investigation.

The China Photovoltaic Industry Association firmly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese photovoltaic companies, and at the same time reminds companies to pay attention to complying with local laws and regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the local embassy or consulate or China Photovoltaic Industry Association in time.

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On the evening of June 12, Chinese photovoltaic enterprisesexecutivesThe incident of being taken away by relevant authorities at Munich Airport in Germany caused an uproar, and instantly became a hot topic in the market and abroad. As for the cause of the incident, there are various rumors in the market, including the EU’s “double reverse” investigation, visa issues, sensitive information leakage, triangular trade and so on. All kinds of arguments were at odds for a while.

according toshellIn the early morning news of Caijing, Pu Yonghua, the person involved in the incident, said that he was “called by them to investigate, and he has already come out”, and he just arrived at the local hotel to check in. When asked if he was taken to investigate whether there was a major issue involved, Pu Yonghua said “nothing”.

It is reported that Pu Yonghua took Lufthansa flight LH0727 and landed at Munich Airport at 7 am local time on June 12.The flight carried a number of Chinese photovoltaic practitioners. They planned to participate in the European International Exhibition held at the Munich International Exhibition Center from June 14th to 16th.solar energyIntersolar Europe – the largest and most influential exhibition in Europesolar energyProfessional exhibition.

(Article source: Securities Times)

Article source: Securities Times

Article author: Zhang Zhibo

Original Title: Urgent Clarification! How untrue it is that photovoltaic executives were taken away in Germany!Policy support + broad space, the construction of charging piles has been actively promoted, and many foreign investors hold a large number of shares

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