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With 28 top jobs at Deloitte and Porsche – that’s why I quit

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With 28 top jobs at Deloitte and Porsche – that’s why I quit

Sascha Haggenmüller pursued a career in consulting – until he himself drew a line. Radial, Getty Images, collage: Dominik Schmidt

At just 22 years old, Sascha Haggenmüller was hired permanently at EY. After a short time he develops into a manager.

This was followed by top positions at Deloitte and Porsche Consulting as well as a good salary in the six-figure range. Then the low blow – and weeks of withdrawal.

Haggenmüller told us how he gave up his corporate career and founded his own company with his co-founder – and shares his morning routine.

As a little boy, Sascha Haggenmüller wanted to become a racing driver. His father put him in a go-kart for the first time when Sascha was five years old – and thus perhaps influenced his later career choice.

Born in 1990, he grew up in the Allgäu in a down-to-earth environment. The father, a former school dropout, has developed into a successful self-employed person in the insurance business through hard work and discipline. Meanwhile, the mother took care of the household. Young Sascha learns early on that success depends on his own performance.

Even though he isn’t among the best at school, he sets high goals for himself. At the age of 19, he began studying business administration in Heidelberg. During this time he felt freedom for the first time, as he tells Business Insider. Study life has a lasting impact on him and teaches him how fulfilling a combination of study, work and leisure time can be.

A semester abroad followed: The then 21-year-old spent six months in San Diego, California. The time in the USA broadens his horizons. Haggenmüller comes into contact with a completely new culture for the first time, which he really likes.

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He gets his first compulsory internship at EY

He finally landed his first compulsory internship at Ernst & Young in auditing. And because he is doing so well, he is hired straight away in 2012. At the same time, he is completing his master’s degree at the SRH Fernhochschule Baden-Württemberg. He successfully completed his training in September 2014. (Business Insider obtained insight into all of the certificates).

The doctorate was the Olympus for me

But the ambitious young man wants to go even further. “I wanted a doctorate. What I admired about some DAX board members was that they had doctorates,” remembers Haggenmüller. The title is a symbol of success for him at this point and should show him that his self-doubts are unfounded. “In terms of education, this title was the Olympus for me,” he admits.

However, he doesn’t want to give up his good job for this. So he decides to do a distance learning course and gets his DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) at the University of Gloucestershire in England. This university enables him to write a dissertation in Munich alongside his full-time job. He starts doing this in May 2015. At this point he is just 25 years old.

He met his wife in Las Vegas and then moved to Deloitte

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