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Cha Ling joined hands with artists Wang Yang and Li Zhixin to appear in 2023 JINGART Beijing

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Cha Ling joined hands with artists Wang Yang and Li Zhixin to appear in 2023 JINGART Beijing

On June 1, 2023, luxury skincare brand of the LVMH LVMH groupCHA LINGJoin hands with the founder of Liangshe Banquet, the famous contemporary cross-border artist Wang Yang and the artist Li Zhixin to make a joint appearance2023 JINGART Beijing, with the ingenuity and artistic conception of “retrospective pure extraction, tea imbues newness”, we will start a journey of pure extraction art. In the multimedia aesthetic field intertwined with digital intelligence technology and modern art, guests can indulge in the immersive fragrance experience space jointly created by Cha Ling and Wang Yang, and appreciate Li Zhixin’s specially created works of art invited by Cha Ling “A Day in the Tea Mountain”, in the changing seasons and the elegant tea rhyme, enjoy the “pure essence” skin care philosophy of tea spirit.

Stepping into the exhibition area, the fragrance of tea is lingering alone. Between the fragrance, you can appreciate the original intention of the brand of “Beauty comes from the heart, please yourself, love others, and share with the world“, as well as the artistic background of the fusion of Chinese and Western. The full set of Cha Ling products are displayed on the wall cabinets made of black lacquer and gold painted in ancient intangible cultural heritage. The product packaging and ceramic products full of lines are elegantly blended with black gold, so that modernity and classics can be integrated in this corner. , showing the pure soul shared by Chinese and Western aesthetics.

Sit on the side of the experience booth and personally experience the “Queen’s Cream”CHA LING tea spirit luxury cream, a touch of luxury, nourishes the skin, and realizes that tea spirit is rooted in transparency and commitment to environmental protection. The LVMH Group R&D Center extracts the exclusive ingredient P12 COMPLEX P12 polyphenol complex from the original ecologically grown Puer tea tree and multiple natural plants in Jingmai Mountain, which penetrates into the skin with the dense cream, revitalizes cells, smooths dry lines and fine lines, etc. Traces of time. At the same time, with an ecological concept in mind, Cha Ling uses a collectible outer can like a work of art, equipped with a replaceable cream inner core, to reduce the impact of product packaging on the ecological environment.The two cream containers also carry different interpretations of art in the East and the West: the rose goldExtravagant Gold PotFull of French luxury, national styleAzure Ceramic JarIt is as warm and moist as jade, reflecting the Jingmai Mountain scrolls from a distance, and the ink painting is full of Chinese elegance.

Step by step to explore, the modern digital scroll “A Day in the Tea Mountain” created by artist Li Zhixin unfolds in front of your eyes. Guests can follow the lifelike ink strokes, trace back to the Jingmai camellia forest that gave birth to the tea spirit brand, climb the ancient tea-horse road and the continuous mountains, Witness the tea-picking day of the Blang people, and savor the happy life and humanistic taste in the mountains.

Brand official map

Brand official

The “magic box” wonderland in the center of the space uses a three-sided mirror design and AR digital images to exquisitely restore the ever-growing scene of the Yunnan rainforest. Guests walk in slowly, accompanied by the sound of leaves and the smell of moist tea. Fall into the rainforest in the dream, and then comprehend the order of all things, and let the way of nature grow slowly in the gap of time.

Brand official image

Brand official

National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance Tea Spirit x Wang Yang In the immersive fragrance experience space, the national beauty of peonies is in full bloom in front of you.on high tableCHA LING tea spirit handicraft diffuse fragrance peonyeach piece of ceramic petals are full ofCHA LING tea spirit fragranceThe clear and quiet breath of white tea, with its ethereal and vibrant fragrance, connects the memories of the four seasons with the lingering tea fragrance, and also traces back to the original aesthetic poetry of Hui Cha Ling.

From June 1st to June 4th, the art exhibition area with the theme of “Retrospective Pure Extraction, Tea Reinforcement” will be unveiled at booth S07 of the Beijing Exhibition Hall for a limited time. Cha Ling sincerely invites art lovers to come here to immerse their senses, listen to the sound of mountain streams, smell the flavor of tea, and retrace the dream of a distant tea forest together, enjoying the beauty of “pure and refined” slow life.

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