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Exhibition-style social networking can make life more interesting and elegant

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Exhibition-style social networking can make life more interesting and elegant

Original title: Exhibition-style socializing can make life more interesting and elegant

How did you spend the “November” holiday that just passed? Following the script-killing social networking, camping social networking, and cycling social networking, a brand-new way of socializing for young people – exhibition-style social networking has gradually become popular. Statistics show that in 2021, museums across the country will hold 36,000 exhibitions, 320,000 educational activities, and receive nearly 800 million visitors, of which teenagers are the main crowd. From January to May this year, among the top 10 most popular scenic spots, museums and exhibition halls ranked fourth, and the proportion of “post-95s” bookings for museums reached 25%. Under the premise of increasingly stringent epidemic prevention measures, “cultural and expo tours” continued to become popular. As a result, “exhibition-style socializing” has gradually emerged and has become one of the social methods that young people are willing to accept.

In recent years, in various museums, cultural and creative parks, art galleries, etc. in Beijing, the author often sees groups of young people watching exhibitions together. Comment while watching. Some are still stopping to discuss and leave messages at the venue, and they have become the main visitors in many cultural venues.

When art and cultural relics take off their cool coats and enter the public eye, it is no longer time-consuming and laborious for young people to enter these venues. In particular, the exhibition methods of some museums tend to adopt the latest high-tech. Through the intelligent technology of sound and light, the content is displayed to the fullest, which makes people feel immersive and shortens the distance with the audience.

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Watching the exhibition can not only learn knowledge that cannot be learned in textbooks, but also bring unexpected surprises to one’s own knowledge structure. It will even correct its self-righteous intellectual prejudice. It can be said that these cultural and expo venues are the best places for the public to cultivate their sentiments, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. Gathering and acquaintance here, we can also use cultural and blogging hobbies as a link, quickly eliminate strangeness, quickly enter the theme of the exhibition, and increase understanding and friendship in the joint exhibition. The interactive equipment and immersive sensory experience in the exhibition are constructing a leisure mode that coexists with artistic and entertainment attributes for the people who visit the exhibition.

Nowadays, there are more and more young people with spiritual pursuits. They are no longer satisfied with changing cups on the wine table, and they are not satisfied with low-level social interactions, but are moving towards higher spiritual hobbies. All kinds of cultural and exhibition venues, because of the blessing of immersive experience and high-tech elements, have become more and more suitable for the public to walk in and watch.

At the same time, viewing the exhibition can not only seek knowledge and entertainment, but also relieve stress to a certain extent, which can greatly relax the body and mind, thus achieving a spiritual journey. I have such an experience. In recent years, I have visited more than 100 museums in Beijing. Every time I go to a museum, it brings great spiritual pleasure. I can also immerse myself in the history displayed in the museum, and my heart is full spiritual power.

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When many young people have to passively socialize in order to socialize, when many people become “social fear”, the exhibition-style socialization undoubtedly provides an elegant and unique social choice. When many young people meet to check in and take photos at the cultural and cultural exhibition venues and discuss the exhibition contents of the cultural and cultural exhibition venues, history and art have become a strong bond and bridge here. Both history and art have become vivid and vivid, not to mention that in the common discussion, the in-depth understanding of history and art can be strengthened. This kind of exhibition social interaction is not only the collision of knowledge, but also the interaction of the mind, which can improve the aesthetic appreciation and sensibility in this interaction.

In the face of this new trend of making friends among young people, many of our cultural and exhibition venues should also further improve the way of viewing the exhibition. On the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, we should increase the way of interacting with the audience to make the sense of immersion and travel stronger. It is also necessary to get rid of the indoctrinated display method in the past, and let history, art, culture and design blend with each other, so as to further magnify the charm of cultural and exhibition venues. In this way, it will become a cultural and expo venue where elegant culture and mainstream culture are located, which will attract more young people to enter. It can be expected that when the exhibition-style social interaction becomes an important way for young people to socialize, it will play an irreplaceable role in promoting traditional culture and enhancing cultural self-confidence, and young people will also grow more in the exhibition. (Zhao Qiang

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