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Exploring the Mystique of Swiss Alpine Fashion with BALLY’s 2024 Autumn/Winter Collection

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Exploring the Mystique of Swiss Alpine Fashion with BALLY’s 2024 Autumn/Winter Collection

BALLY Unveils Swiss Alpine-Inspired Collection for 2024 Autumn and Winter Season

BALLY, the renowned luxury Swiss fashion house, has launched its latest collection for the 2024 autumn and winter season, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the Swiss Alps. The collection, designed by Creative Director Simon Bellodi, captures the strong mystique of the Swiss Alpine story and traditional Swiss clothing.

The collection features a pastoral charm that is simple yet sophisticated, incorporating the classic and practical clothing style of Zurich’s streets. The designs progress from primitive to rational style rhythm, showcasing a harmonious blend of classic heritage and modern aesthetics.

One of the highlights of the collection is the reinterpretation of the legend of the mermaid and the man whispering on the shores of Lake Ndinga in Switzerland. Bellodi has recreated the mermaid’s graceful tail fin and the traditional Swiss shepherd bell Treicheln, transforming them into decorative elements for a new silhouette. The collection utilizes a mix of luxurious fabrics such as woolen leather, glossy leather, loden woolen, mohair, and alpine jacquard, combined with smooth wool, pleated silk satin, and corduroy.

In addition to the ready-to-wear collection, BALLY’s classic shoes feature vertical drawstrings and indigo denim, complementing the overall aesthetic of the collection. The shoes, ranging from loafers to over-the-knee boots, are crafted with precision and attention to detail, showcasing BALLY’s heritage of craftsmanship.

To complement the collection, BALLY has also launched the first “BALLY Zine”, a collaborative project with Swiss art book publisher Nieves. The zine features brand-new works by Swiss artist Beni Bischof, who delves into the rich imagination of the collection and explores Swiss culture through his iconic collage, photography, and watercolor style works.

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Overall, the BALLY 2024 autumn and winter collection is a celebration of Swiss heritage and craftsmanship, bringing together traditional elements with a modern twist. The collection represents a harmonious rhythm where classic traditions meet contemporary aesthetics, setting the tone for a stylish and sophisticated season ahead.

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