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hosted by wiebke | silver moon @ gasometer | March 7, 2023

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hosted by wiebke |  silver moon @ gasometer |  March 7, 2023

“silbermond” celebrated their tour start in Vienna – with lots of power, confetti and of course ballads!

Admittedly, the albums “Aloud Thought” (2004) and “Nothing Happened” (2009) are already quite dusty in my childhood room – but when they were released, I listened to them intensively up and down. While my taste in music has changed over time, Silbermond’s musical style has also developed from German rock to radio pop. So from the past decade I only knew the songs that were on the radio. I still went to the gasometer for my childhood self.

silbermond started their “auf auf” tour in Vienna – it was the first concert since the pandemic. and they also finished their last tour before the pandemic in Vienna. The circle is almost complete, said singer Stefanie Kloß. From the very beginning, she and her band were there with full energy – you would hardly believe that there was a three-year break from touring in between.

Silbermond played a lot of new songs and only a few of the old hits, but after all they were on tour because of their new music. Not everyone knew every lyric – I once saw two women google the lyrics in one place, all just so they could sing along. But even if you didn’t sing along, the music invited you to sway and I looked enviously at the couples and friends who had hugged each other.

On stage, the band members interacted with each other, but also with the audience, and so the ritual of performing some of their ballads in the middle of the crowd was not to be missed. A fan popped a confetti cannon at one of these sentimental moments, and even if that sounds inappropriate now, it felt right in that second. Something was celebrated here.

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I was also positively impressed by the fact that their music sounded much more rocky live than on the radio. In their simple, black rocker clothes, the silver star in the background and lots of colorful stage lights, they filled the room with their music for almost two hours. The atmosphere was very familiar and I was amazed when the audience suddenly held up paper hearts during the encore to show their love to the band. I didn’t expect such a fan project from the average audience of 30 to mid-50s. During the last song, Stefanie and her band were surprised by confetti cannons that she obviously didn’t know about. The concert ended with bright colors and a lot of euphoria! a truly successful start to the tour!

and at the end I realized that I could actually sing the songs “das best” and “warrior of the light” from memory. Some songs that once meant a lot to you, you probably never forget, even if you haven’t heard them for 15 years.

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