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Josefina won again and accumulated 24 million in her pot from The 8 Steps

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Josefina won again and accumulated 24 million in her pot from The 8 Steps

This Tuesday, The 8 Steps witnessed a new record for Josefina. The participant who had equaled the mark of 18 million pesos on Friday night, once again won the program and became the biggest winner of the question and answer contest.

This is a pot of $24 million, an unprecedented figure for the program hosted by Guido Kaczka on El Trece.

Josefina, absolute record of The 8 Steps.

It was the eighth consecutive night of triumph for this stage design teacher who participated in the program for the first time on April 4. That night she made it to the finals but lost. After selling the key, she participated again and since then everything has been a victory for her.

The 8 steps: Josefina won again and accumulated 24 million

This Tuesday, Josefina went to the last minute with Francisco, who turned out to be a very tough rival.

With tension running high, the last question of the final was “Which of these first ladies is credited with creating the American service where plated food is brought to the table?”

The teacher answered option A, “Jacqueline Kennedy,” and won 7 to 6 in the last round of multiple choice questions.

Once again, the teacher’s family invaded the program to celebrate, with screams and hugs. The host, meanwhile, highlighted what the teacher had done in anticipation of what may happen in the next broadcast of the cycle.

Finally, Kaczka confirmed that this Wednesday Josefina will play for $27 million.

The 8 steps: how Josefina would spend the prize

As she commented at the beginning of her participation, Josefina planned to use the prize money to visit her sister, who lives in the United States, and to help a community kitchen.

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As the programs and millions went by, she revealed that she plans to travel accompanied and that her husband also began to think about changing the car.

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