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La Stampa arrives by email, new newsletters for our readers

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New contents, a new graphic design. The newsletters of La Stampa are renewed with confirmations and news. The criteria we have set ourselves: to build a schedule capable of covering the days of the week in order to always have a useful and interesting newsletter for readers. Information via e-mail has long been a service and a need. Worldwide, 16 percent of people have their e-mail inbox as their first access to news. A slower contact than the frenetic social media: in Italy, for example, they are the favorite news source for 50 percent of people. The latest Digital news report from the Reuters Institute also tells us who are fans of newsletters: in 60 percent of cases they follow the daily appointments of the newspapers, 38 percent follow local news, work, science, sport, technology.

So this is the direction: targeted information, easy to consult, with selected news and pop graphics with illustrations by Antonio Pronostic.

News and confirmations of the newsletter schedule

With a new graphic design every morning remains the appointment with The cuisine of La Stampa, signed by the director Massimo Giannini. A guided reading of the newspaper on newsstands and the main news on our site.

The first newcomer is OggiTopnews from Monday to Friday, around 7 pm we will take stock of the day. The main news, in a few lines and then some reading tips to cover the essentials. We decided to always have a “geotag”, a piece of news that starts from the place where it happened. You will find a photograph, the news and the geographical coordinates.

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On Saturday Today Topnews is replaced by The week in pills. We are all inundated with emails, calls, bombarded with notifications and keeping up with news sites is almost impossible, at least every day. That’s why for the weekend we will select for you some insights, editorials, reportages not to be missed.

From Monday to Friday for those who live in Turin or for those who want to stay informed on the main news of their city there is Under the Mole: in the evening, always before the news, the editorial staff selects the events of the day and some reading ideas.

The week then starts with Allmoney. Our section dedicated to finance and savings has its own newsletter edited by Luca Fornovo who shares useful links and a fixed space for readers’ questions every Monday. Spin-off of Tuttosoldi è Jobws: on Tuesday evening the most interesting job offers arrive, starting with those in Piedmont and then opening up to Italy and abroad.

On Wednesday, here’s another news: Alberto Simoni, Foreign Editor-in-Chief, signs Metternich, a weekly appointment between characters, reports, events of the week beyond our borders. Why is it called Metternich? The name of the newsletter is inspired by the Austrian Klemens von Metternich, the man of Realpolitik and the theorist of the balance of power between nations as a guarantee for stability and peace. For details on what to expect on Wednesday, the advice is to read the author’s presentation directly.

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, Giampiero Maggio sends Special Coronavirus: we strongly wanted it to clarify, to take the time to line up the news on the pandemic. It is a newsletter that we hope to be able to stop as soon as possible. It would mean having come out of the grip of Covid-19.

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The offer for La Stampa readers does not stop there. There are three weekly appointments with newsletters related to the new sections of our site. Breast Health every Thursday is a meeting place to share the main news in the world of research, with interviews with experts, stories and a space for questions. Equilibrist Parents by Rita Balestriero Friday is a window on the stories of mothers and fathers always poised between children, work and the rest of the world. Royality show signed by Eva Grippa comes from the mix between “Royals” and “Reality show”: curiosity and background with queens and sovereigns, princes and princesses as protagonists. Comes every Thursday.

A notification so as not to lose our signatures

Let’s start from the beginning: we are inundated with news, stimuli, books, TV series, social networks, platforms. The service you can subscribe to on the newsletter page is a notification that arrives via email. When? When one of our signatures publishes a new study. Il Buongiorno by Mattia Feltri, Numbers by Raphael Zanotti, Behind the scenes of finance by Gianluca Paolucci, Rooms with a view by Carlo Bertini, Inside politics by Ugo Magri, The state of women by Flavia Amabile, The challenges of Turin by Andrea Rossi. “Qui Juve” and “Qui Toro” also work as a notification: the news that matters selected by the sports editorial staff.

News via email from the territory

All our local editions have a newsletter which is a miniature homepage: in one place a selection of the main articles available to readers.

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