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Qu Yuan: A New Historical Drama Unfolding the Poetry and Drama of Ancient China

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Historical Drama “Qu Yuan” Set to Debut at China Shanghai International Arts Festival

Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhu Guang

A new historical drama, “Qu Yuan”, is set to take the stage at the Majestic Theater as part of the 22nd China Shanghai International Arts Festival this weekend. The play, created and presented by Hubei Yangtze People’s Art Theater and Hubei Three Gorges Performing Arts Group, will tell the story of Qu Yuan, a key figure in ancient Chinese history.

The play promises to bring the audience on a journey through several important moments in Qu Yuan’s life, portraying him as a complex character who faced numerous challenges and dilemmas. Screenwriter Huang Weiruo has carefully crafted a Qu Yuan who defied authority, faced personal rivalries, and ultimately sacrificed himself for his beliefs. The inclusion of Qu Yuan’s famous works, such as “Nine Songs”, “Nine Chapters”, and “Li Sao”, adds a poetic touch to the story, enhancing its depth and emotional resonance.

Director Guo Xiaonan has aimed to infuse the play with a sense of romanticism, portraying Qu Yuan’s internal struggles and emotional turmoil in a vivid and evocative manner. The production also presents King Huai of Chu, a key figure in Qu Yuan’s life, as a nuanced character with a complex relationship with the protagonist.

The cast includes Wang Luoyong, Hao Ping, Wang Yinan, and others, who have worked to breathe life into their characters and bring out the contemporary relevance of the story. Hao Ping, in particular, has emphasized the depth and emotion in his portrayal of King Huai of Chu, adding nuance and complexity to the character.

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With its blend of historical drama, poetry, and emotional depth, “Qu Yuan” is poised to captivate audiences and offer a thought-provoking exploration of an iconic figure in Chinese history.

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