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The new variety show label “Kuku Zong” launched a new film list and the content of the four major tracks is eye-catching_Guangming.com

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The new variety show label “Kuku Zong” launched a new film list and the content of the four major tracks is eye-catching_Guangming.com

Gain insight into user emotions and go all out for good content. On May 6, Youku’s “2023 Kuku Marketing Cloud Release” officially announced Youku’s new variety show label “Kuku Zong”, and the 2023 variety show list will also be released. This time Youku created the “Kuku Variety” variety show label, which includes Youku’s unlimited expectations for the layout of variety shows, including the four tracks of love, joy, growth, and life, and the determination to continue to deepen the field of variety shows and produce high-quality and good content. While providing spiritual nourishment for the public, it also wins the trust of users and partners with high-quality content and innovative marketing.

  More reserves and better content, “Infinite Transcendence Class” “Amazing! There is another big move after Dance Club 2!

From the “little old man” Paul Che who has been on the hot search for many times, to the “three no actor” Liu Yaowen’s progress visible to the naked eye, the popular variety show “Infinite Beyond Class” in the first quarter of this year has seen Youku’s “all efforts for good content” inside and outside the industry. Go all out” with full sincerity.

This determination to win is not only confidence in the content of the platform, but also has reliable data support. According to Yunhe data, “Infinite Transcendence Class” will rank first in V30 among self-made variety shows on the long video platform in 2023; its closing ceremony “Infinite Transcendence Stars Concert” has set the highest attendance rate in Macau in the past three years, online Youku The number of paid live concert viewers on the site reached the top TOP1. At the same time, “Infinite Transcendence Class” not only has “memory killing” and emotional cards, it also brings the industry culture of dedication, professionalism and professionalism in TVB as a precious spiritual wealth that can be passed down to the Transcendence Class artists. The development of showbiz has a continuing impact.

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“Amazing! Dance Club 2” also brought a new chapter of “Street Dance Universe”. The program was launched for three episodes, and it received 327 hot searches on the whole network. Dominating the list of hot searches on Weibo, the popularity of discussions continues to rise. The program fits Generation Z’s definition of personality, youth, and dancing. It releases emotions between rhythmic dancing, and glimpses itself in the rhythm and drums. It creates an online battle stage for young audiences and dance lovers, detonating passion and continuing burst.

These data prove that good content will inevitably resonate widely with the audience and respond to the market. Since the beginning of this year, the number of industry partners cooperating with Youku Variety Show has increased by 160% compared to last year, and the reserves of Youku’s leading projects have also achieved a 120% increase compared to last year. In an environment where the variety show market generally accepts severe challenges, the release of Youku’s new variety show label “Kuku Zong” is to convey confidence to the industry and users on the one hand, and to further demonstrate Youku’s commitment to creating high-quality content. attitude and determination. For the production of youthful and high-quality variety show content that is popular with users, Youku will continue to refine it and give users a satisfactory answer.

  Gain insight into user emotions, polish valuable content, and work together on the four major tracks of “Kuku Zong”. There is always one that suits you

Capturing the emotional value of users is equivalent to capturing the “traffic password” of variety shows. The emotional value of young people is reflected in the individuation and diversification of lifestyle, the love of life, the persistence of dreams, and the perception of growth. Youku has precise insights into user emotions, and based on this insight, it has firmly created the variety show label “Kuku Zong”. The slogan of “Kuku Zong” is “Infinitely wonderful, enjoy it”, “Infinitely exciting” represents the quality of the variety show, and “Enjoy it” represents the resonance of emotions. Through the content of the four major tracks of cool love, cool joy, cool growth, and cool life, the brand mind of “cool cool comprehensive” is enhanced, and the careful layout brings richer and higher-quality content supply to the market. Empathy and resonance to meet the multi-dimensional emotional value needs of users.

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Among the four major tracks of “Cool Comprehensive”, the “Cool Love” track actively responds to the needs of the audience through the ultimate stage presentation and high-burning emotional release, “This! It’s Hip-Hop 6, “Star Music Alliance”, “Songs That Play Well” and other programs are coming, igniting every cell of you;

The “Cool Joy” track is based on the user’s need for easy decompression, setting up an immersive program experience, outputting extraordinary fun, and pushing the audience’s emotions to a high point. Inspirational brain-burning, endless joy;

The “Cool Life” track is based on the experience needs of young users for a fresh lifestyle and the desire to be in sync with the world. Through the output of life propositions and the provision of emotional value, it satisfies the link between users and reality. Years old 3″, “Let’s fall in love 5”, “It’s a good friend’s weekend”, etc., focusing on family, friendship and love, telling the purest beauty;

The “Cool Growth” track is based on the growth needs of users. Through high-quality content, users can follow the program to learn super skills in different fields, get energy recharge, and grow. “Infinite Transcendence Class 2” and “We who hit it off” focus on the growth of new forces among actors and give them more space to show. “Hi, City Hunter” chose to start broadcasting during the golden period of job hunting, “Golden Three Silver Four”. It hits the social sentiment that young people care about employment, and opens the workplace variety show from a new headhunting perspective. The second episode of “Chaoyang Dage Center” focuses on the first release of new songs by talented singers and the excavation of treasured songs, truly discovering good music and digging out treasured musicians, so that users can see and gain the power and touch of sticking to their dreams.

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The purpose of Youku’s launch of “Kuku Zong” is to provide users with variety show content that is younger, higher-quality, and more contemporary. Going all out to create infinite excitement, allowing users to enjoy it, gain and grow, is the core value that Youku Variety Show wants to convey to users.

Multi-dimensional, multi-angle, and multi-group, Kuku Zong will continue to take “good content” as the starting point, meticulously cultivate in the field of variety shows, subdivide the track, constantly consolidate the quality of the program, and produce valuable, hot, and high-quality high-quality shows. High-quality content, igniting a new trend in the development of variety shows, and building a strong emotional link dialogue field for the audience.

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