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Thetis: The Sustainable Collaboration Between Donna Forte and Jackie Wen

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Thetis: The Sustainable Collaboration Between Donna Forte and Jackie Wen

Donna Forte and Jackie Wen Collaborate on Sustainable Fashion Collection “Thetis”

International luxury brands are leading the way in sustainable fashion design, and this year, domestic high-end underwear brand Donna Forte has teamed up with paper art artist Jackie Wen to create a new joint limited series “Thetis”. Inspired by ecology and the symbiotic relationship of all things, the collection aims to interpret fashion and sexiness in a sustainable way.

The new series features three-dimensional pearl pattern embroidery and artistic paper art works, inspired by underwater microorganisms. The sustainable products and concept models were featured in the LOTI Maritime Silk Road International Fashion Week fashion release show, where they were nominated for the most popular brand among Chinese people.

In order to present the design concept in an elegant way, Jackie Wen integrated paper art elements into the underwear matching, creating a unique catwalk show with a perfect combination of paper art and lace.

The visual element of the joint product, the jellyfish, is taken from Jackie’s representative work “Drifting” and symbolizes the intimate entanglement between man and nature. “Jellyfish are very similar to most women,” says Jackie. “They look gentle and charming but can also sting. Just like women’s appearance, they also hide a tough and powerful independent female power.”

Yumi, founder of Donna Forte, emphasized the brand’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “Women have a special and intimate relationship with the nature that nurtures all things. We need to be in awe of nature and realize that sustainable fashion also has more possibilities.”

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The collaboration between Donna Forte and Jackie Wen showcases a high-quality underwear brand that takes on social responsibility, respects nature and life, and also pays attention to beauty and wearability.

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