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12 out of 20 regions do not guarantee essential levels

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12 out of 20 regions do not guarantee essential levels

Italian Healthcare in Crisis: Calls for Immediate Intervention to Save National Health Service

The Italian healthcare system is in crisis, with experts warning that urgent intervention is needed to prevent its collapse. The Forum of the Scientific Societies of Italian Hospital and University Clinicians (FoSSc) has issued a stark warning to the government, stating that the current allocation of resources is insufficient to meet the growing demands on the system.

According to Francesco Cognetti, coordinator of the Forum, funding for the National Health Fund has been steadily decreasing, with only 6.4% of GDP allocated in 2024. This pales in comparison to other European countries, which have seen significant increases in healthcare funding over the same period.

The lack of resources has resulted in a shortage of hospital beds and healthcare personnel. There are at least 100 thousand ordinary hospital beds and 12 thousand intensive care beds missing, leading to long waits for treatment and overcrowded emergency rooms. The shortage of healthcare workers is also a pressing issue, with thousands set to retire in the coming years.

Despite plans to allocate funds for healthcare in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), the money is primarily earmarked for technological updates and research, rather than addressing the systemic issues facing the healthcare system. The essential levels of assistance (Lea) are not being met in many regions, leading to disparities in care availability across the country.

The postponement of new LEAs and the lack of resources for preventive care measures are further exacerbating the crisis. The Forum is calling for immediate action to address these issues before it is too late.

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The European Union has set targets for cancer screening participation, which Italy is currently falling short of. Without increased funding and resources, the healthcare system risks failing to meet these targets and providing adequate care to its citizens.

The healthcare crisis in Italy is reaching a critical point, with the future of the National Health Service hanging in the balance. Urgent intervention is needed to prevent the collapse of the system and ensure that all citizens have access to quality healthcare.

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