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Breaking the Taboo: The New Generation’s Approach to Mental Health

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Breaking the Taboo: The New Generation’s Approach to Mental Health

The New Generation’s Approach to Mental Health

In recent years, influencers, musicians, athletes, and people in general have been using their visibility on social media to shed light on mental health issues and the consequences of not addressing them. This has led to a shift in attitudes towards emotional balance and seeking help for mental health issues.

Ivana Antonella Pissinis, a Graduate in Psychology, emphasized that the new generation no longer sees talking about mental health as taboo. This shift has encouraged individuals to question their emotional well-being and seek help from professionals, marking a significant change from previous generations for whom seeking help for mental health issues was more challenging.

Pissinis elaborated on the concept of mental health, stating that it encompasses more than just the absence of disorders. It involves the ability to handle daily problems, contribute to others, maintain healthy relationships, and have a positive attitude towards oneself and others.

Offering advice for those going through stressful situations, Pissinis highlighted the importance of understanding one’s emotions and prioritizing physical and emotional well-being. She suggested practices such as exercise, sufficient rest, healthy nutrition, and maintaining positive connections with others to strengthen mental health.

For those unable to attend therapy, Pissinis recommended basic habits such as prioritizing rest, recognizing emotions and physical symptoms, keeping an emotional record, practicing gratitude, strengthening supportive ties, and finding space for self-disconnection and self-reconnection.

In conclusion, Pissinis emphasized the importance of recognizing that mental health is as crucial as physical health. Just as physical ailments can interfere with daily activities, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can have a similar impact.

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This growing openness and understanding of mental health issues are indicative of a positive shift in societal attitudes towards emotional well-being, with the new generation at the forefront of this movement.

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