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customers want their subscription money back

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customers want their subscription money back

Gym & Fitness in San Polo di Piave Closed Due to Arrears and Unpaid Rent

Customers of the Gym & Fitness gym in San Polo di Piave were shocked to find the doors closed and a notice of eviction on the building due to unpaid rent. The gym, located on via del Commercio, had a loyal following of members from the surrounding areas who now find themselves without a place to work out.

According to a report by “Il Gazzettino di Treviso”, the closure of the gym was a long time coming but customers were not informed of the situation until the last minute. A post on the gym’s Facebook page on March 7 stated that the closure was due to management problems and that current subscriptions would be frozen until further notice. However, many customers have expressed frustration with the lack of communication from the gym, as phone numbers provided for inquiries have either been disconnected or gone unanswered.

Some customers had paid hundreds of euros for annual or six-month subscriptions, only to find themselves without a gym to use. As of now, no complaints have been filed by customers, but there is hope that the gym will reopen under new management in the near future.

In the meantime, customers are advised to contact the gym through Whatsapp for any further information or inquiries. The closure of Gym & Fitness serves as a reminder for customers to always be cautious when signing up for long-term subscriptions and to stay informed about the financial stability of the businesses they patronize.

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