Home Health How many kiwis can I eat a week? Here is the answer

How many kiwis can I eat a week? Here is the answer

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How many kiwis can I eat a week?  Here is the answer

Kiwis are among the most loved and most consumed fruits in winter. Eating them every day is very good for your health, since it is a fruit that is calorie-free and at the same time has beneficial properties for our body. For every 100 g of product assume 61 cal. Furthermore, kiwis also contain many fibers which help to go to the bathroom and fight colon cancer. Many wonder if eating them every day is good for you and how many you can actually eat per week. So let’s go and give an answer to this question and see what are the benefits of this fruit.

How many kiwis can I eat a week? Here is the answer

Kiwis, as we said before, are very good for our body. They help intestinal transit and are often used in diets because they give a sense of satiety. They also contain many vitamins, especially C, in fact in just two kiwis there is 150% of this vitamin recommended for daily consumption. It also has properties that help our immune system. Also, this fruit helps fight fatigue and nervousness. We also find vitamin E which protects against free radicals and vitamin K which prevents osteoporosis. There are also quite a few minerals such as potassium. It lowers blood pressure. Copper, on the other hand, is excellent for those suffering from anemia. Finally, it contains lutein.

As we said before, it fights colon cancer and helps against constipation. It has laxative properties. It is also indicated for those suffering from irritable bowel and also prevents blood clots. it is a fruit also recommended for those who have sleep problems.

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We can therefore say that the kiwi is very good for our health and can be eaten every day, even two a day for an entire week.

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