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Israeli raid in Lebanon on the Bekaa valley

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Israeli raid in Lebanon on the Bekaa valley

17 Apr – 8.14pm The toll of Israeli wounded in the Galilee has risen to 18

The number of injured people, including at least one seriously, in the Hezbollah attack on Arab al-Aramashe in the Galilee has risen to 18. This was reported by hospital sources cited by the media.

17 Apr – 8.13pm Israel, air raid in Lebanon

The Israeli air force recently struck the eastern Bekaa valley in the Baalbek region, a Hezbollah stronghold. There are no victims reported at the moment, but fragmented news is arriving from the area. According to the Lebanese news agency NNA, an Israeli drone fired three missiles at a building in the locality of Iaat, on the northwestern outskirts of Baalbek.

This attack comes a few hours after Hezbollah’s raid on Arab Aramshe, an Israeli location close to the demarcation line between the two countries and where some Israeli soldiers were injured. Today’s attack by Hezbollah was in response to Israeli air strikes in southern Lebanon which killed three Lebanese party fighters.

17 Apr – 5.17pm Hezbollah attack in Galilee, Israel: “14 soldiers injured”

All 14 soldiers were injured in the Hezbollah attack in the town of Arab al-Aramashe. The military spokesperson made this known, explaining that 6 are serious, 2 moderate and another 6 light. They were all transported to hospital. A short while ago warplanes hit “a Hezbollah military complex and terror infrastructure in Naqura and Yarine, in southern Lebanon”.

17 Apr – 11:04 Cameron: there is no Israeli escalation against Iran

There must be no escalation by Israel against Iran after the drone and missile attack conducted by Tehran. This was said by the British Foreign Minister on a visit to the Jewish state. Cameron said he hoped that the promised Israeli response would not worsen the situation in the Middle East, underlining that at the moment it was “better to be smart than tough”. “The real need is to return to focusing on Hamas, on the hostages, on the arrival of aid, on a pause in the conflict in Gaza”, added the head of the Foreign Office.

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17 Apr – 10:45 Iran: ready to hit enemies with Russian supersonic jets

“We advise enemies not to make any strategic mistakes, because Iran is ready to strike them, especially with Sukhoi-24 fighters, the Russian supersonic tactical bombers,” declared the commander of the Army Air Forces Hamid Vahedi, during the Army parades on the occasion of National Army Day. In addition to the Sukhoi-24s, the Iranian air force is equipped with more advanced fighters and is ready to deliver such a blow to its enemies that they will not be able to compensate, Vahedi added, state TV reported.

17 Apr – 10.31 Raisi: with a hard attack against Israel nothing would be left

“Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel was a limited and punitive action against the regime, but if Iran had decided to strike Israel more decisively, there would have been nothing left.” This was stated by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi during a speech on the occasion of Armed Forces Day which is celebrated in the Islamic Republic, as reported by Irna. “If the Zionists take any action against our interests, Iran’s response will be harsher,” he added, quoted by IRNA.

17 Apr – 10.18am Raisi: powerful and ferocious response to the slightest act of aggression

Tehran threatens to react with a “powerful and ferocious” response to the slightest act of aggression on Iranian soil: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi declared this, while news on the timing and extent of a potential Israeli retaliation followed, speaking during the annual army parade. The event, unlike previous years, was not broadcast live on state TV and also took place in a barracks north of the capital, and not in its usual location, on the southern outskirts of the city.

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17 Apr – 09:47 Eleven people were killed in an Israeli raid on al-Maghazi refugee camp

Eleven people were killed and numerous injured, most of them children, in an Israeli raid late yesterday on al-Maghazi refugee camp. This was reported by the Palestinian agency Wafa. Local sources reported that a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted the refugee camp’s housing facilities.

17 Apr – 09:45 Iran has completely evacuated some of its bases in Syria

Iran has completely evacuated some of its bases in Syria, while others are only evacuated at night, when Tehran fears an Israeli attack is more likely to take place. The Wall Street Journal claims this, citing sources. According to WSJ, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has adopted “emergency measures” for its facilities across Syria. The sources said only some members remained to guard the weapons arsenals, while most were evacuated.

17 Apr – 09:24 Baerbock and Cameron in Israel, Herzog thanks them

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met this morning with the foreign ministers of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, and Great Britain, David Cameron, who arrived in the country. Herzog thanked them “for the support given to the country in the face of Iran’s reprehensible attack.”

17 Apr – 08:17 United States will impose new sanctions against Tehran

Following the Iranian attack on Israel last weekend, the United States will impose new sanctions against Tehran. The announcement was made by White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. “Following Iran’s unprecedented air attack on Israel, President Biden is coordinating with allies and partners, including the G7, and bipartisan leaders in Congress, on a comprehensive response,” he wrote in a statement. . «In the coming days, the United States will impose new sanctions against Iran, its missile and drone program, as well as new sanctions against entities that support the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian Ministry of Defense. We expect our allies and partners will soon follow with their own sanctions.”

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