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Killed by gunshots at the age of 14. The hypothesis of a dispute over drugs. Uncle, ‘Ivan fell into a trap. Then he shot him

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Killed by gunshots at the age of 14.  The hypothesis of a dispute over drugs.  Uncle, ‘Ivan fell into a trap.  Then he shot him

breaking latest news – Forse a tragic mistake of person during an attack after a fight in a bar over drugs. Drug dealing in the territory of Monte Compatri, a municipality between Rome and Frascati. This is the context in which the murder of Ivan Alexandru, 14enne Romanian who lost his life in the night between Friday and Saturday in the car park of the Pantano C metro terminus, along Via Casilina, on the border between Rome and Monte Compatri.

The dynamics are still being examined by the police who have acquired images from the station’s video cameras and especially those from the car park. The latter are interesting, because they tell the story of the beginning of the attack: you would see 7 people, many of which are internal to the victim’s group. One of these would have been in possession of a baseball bat hidden behind his back. However, no guns would be seen.

The corner where they were exploded the shots, perhaps from a moving car – at least four of which two would have reached Ivan -, however, it would not be covered by the cameras.

The young man would have been the victim of a real ambush: the two groups – one made up of Alexandru, his mother’s partner and other people and the other of some nomads – had argued in a nearby room and had arranged to meet in the parking lot to clarify. Next to him, his stepfather, as well as other relatives and friends, were listened to all night by the soldiers of the Carabinieri.

He who provides his truth to journalists is Ivan’s uncle. “Alexandru was killed for a look. They set a trap for him”, says Ionut, brother of his mother’s partner. “He was at the bar with his stepfather and there was this group of gypsies. Drugs have nothing to do with it. It all started with a look. ‘What the fuck are you looking at,’ they said. We are people who don’t let people push us around and we responded. It ended there, but they set a trap for us soon after. A car blocked them. Once they shot in the air and then they shot wildly and caught him. It had nothing to do with it. He was a child. You can’t die for a reason like that. We want justice. These were all drunk. Everyone knows who I am. They must pay”.

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The house of Ivan A.

Walking around Monte Compatri and via Casilina, where the young victim lived, there are different testimonies from the neighbors. “His family has lived here for two years. I learned that they shot him four times, you can’t die like that, it’s shocking. We saw him here every now and then. Always hello, hello, but nothing more. As neighbors we are shocked “, a neighbor tells breaking latest news. The man, like many other neighbors, would have been woken up in the middle of the night by his mother’s screams of pain. “A difficult family”: is the description that other neighbors give of Alexandru. The minor lived, together with his mother and her husband, on the ground floor of a residential building. The mother’s husband, a second dad for him, according to what the neighbors said, in the past, would have had “some problems with the police”.

He also arrived at the crime scene the mayor of Monte Compatri, Francesco Ferri who requested and obtained a summit in the Prefecture on the safety of the Municipality scheduled for Thursday. “The crime is a fact that leaves our community dismayed and requires reflection, because one cannot die in such a violent and tragic way at 14 years old”, is the comment of the mayor.

“The municipal structure immediately made itself available to the investigators to give full support to the ongoing investigations, also providing the footage taken by the municipal video surveillance circuit – adds the mayor -. We hope that full light will be shed on what happened. In these hours I am in close contact with the Prefect to which I asked for a meeting of the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Security. All institutions have a duty to work together to ensure that this area becomes an important road hub as it was conceived.”

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The victim’s cell phone was not found

The boy’s cell phone cannot be found. The police, who interviewed several people, have not yet managed to find the mobile device. According to what we learn, the victim has no previous record and no reports against him from the police. He therefore takes up the hypothesis of mistaken identity: perhaps the shooter wanted to take another member of the group in which the minor was present. The investigations are ongoing. At the moment two motives for the attack remain open: the drug and the fight for futile reasons.

Hunt for 3 suspects

At the moment, three people have been identified and wanted. The investigators, coordinated by the Velletri prosecutor’s office, are working to track down the people who were on board the car from which the shots were fired, two of whom centered on the chest the victim. The decisive blow for the death of the 14 year old would have been fired in the abdomen. According to what has been reconstructed, everything started from an argument that broke out for trivial reasons in a bar not far from the crime scene. The two groups, after some telephone contact, would then meet in the subway station where the tragedy occurred.

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