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Losing weight, diet and health » Iced tea, photos, star chefs and three types of narcissism

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Not everyone – or “geschenkendert” – is up for everyday food or even finds it fascinating to vary something familiar, according to your mood and “in accordance with your diet” or according to the rules and authentically. You are also welcome to make the usual suggestions, such as: B. “Eat a delicious one
Cabbage soup for weight loss for breakfast, for lunch and also for dinner” the enthusiasm is modest, and usually a “yes, but” is included in the negative answer.

“Yes, but the world is falling apart at the moment. Misery rains down on me from all sides, and you want my stomach to rumble and I can no longer function because of hunger!”

So yes: It is so important to take care of your (own) diet, or more precisely: Um Food and Drink – which always has its sub-aspects and should be healthy and balanced. Furthermore, the misery has been pelting in for a long time, albeit in and not in, and I have now finally said that some people should still worry about the differences between “this” and “that”.

Make your own strawberry mint iced teawas an idea that I came up with while browsing the internet in general, because the few strawberries that I had frozen at some point are better used now rather than next summer.
Conclusion: It tastes good even without added sugar, and a little added mate tea and lemon juice were also okay.

The somewhat bright colors are thanks to the software – this falls under photographic freedom, in order to achieve this you definitely have to do something like this:

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Free photography course for beginners
Learn photography online | Jaworskyj

In other words: Even though every smartphone has a built-in camera these days, it is not always used in a particularly attractive way, although more “productive media use on a broad scale” would not only be useful for general media literacy, because these skills also have or would have content.

If you ask well-known star chefs what they put on their tables, they don’t list “haute cuisine” dishes, but rather we find out;

At the team lunch we primarily want to eat delicious everyday dishes – mustard with puree and lettuce, burgers, gyros with cucumber salad and roasted potatoes, Peking duck pancakes. Fried rice is a great dish to use up leftovers in the kitchen. All ingredients are chopped, fried and flavored with fresh herbs and spices.

Ravioli with tomato sauce – very simple, but not a competition entry for the photography crash course.

It is possible that mold will take over our kitchens, but it is still little known: the connection between haute cuisine and huitlacoche, which is also known as the “Mexican truffle” and is an infected corn, could change our eating habits, just like the Indonesian tempeh.

For the time being we are still faced with the choice between sauerkraut and coleslaw – “Truffle or tempeh?” is still to come.

The aim here was to create the taste of strong home cooking using vegan means, which was achieved with lots of long-braised onions, a number of brown mushrooms that had shrunk in the pan and around ten halved grapes with the seeds removed on/in the rustic grain roll. The “slight blurriness” comes out more clearly in the larger image.

You can treat yourself to lasagna with freshly made pasta plates and “own sauces” every now and then; This time it was completely cream-free, namely uncomplicated with a ready-made tomato preparation (“good and organic”) and a cream cheese-based “paste” that was green with herbs.

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Almost at the same time, I came across a message from the Science Information Service on the impact of different forms of narcissism on difficulties in therapy, which was illustrated with a well-known painting by Carvaggio, and I experimentally turned the mirror phenomenon on its head:

The mirroring, a central motif of the myth, is not perfect; there seem to be two similar but different types – is this a desire to be admired or, in the broadest sense, a “striving for rivalry”?

The feeling mentioned at the beginning that the world is currently going out of control can be countered by the fact that “society” has always or often been self-destructively wrong; with Erich Fromm, one can draw a connection to group and Mass narcissism explain:

The individual reacts more depressed than angry. However, if the individual is narcissistically identified with a group, then the group will generally react with anger rather than depression, because the group sticks together and the individual’s narcissism is in reality not so severely injured.
(“from the estate”, p. 176 ff.)

It is conceivable that the current, religiously motivated hostilities have as a background the rivalry over “the love of God” or the best prophet; With such “fundamental questions” any outside influence (“therapy”) would be as difficult as untying a Gordian knot.

One of the fundamental questions that directly affect the material basis of life is the adequate and fair distribution of water, as the following photo shows in a “model” way:

This basil, grown in the mini greenhouse on the windowsill, has never come into contact with natural precipitation. Artificial irrigation is becoming increasingly important in agriculture – the increasing global demand for water requires novel technologies and adapted solutions – desalination plants alone are not enough.

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While on the one hand it is about eliminating hunger in the world, on the other hand, seemingly paradoxically, there is an equally increasing obesity problem, where there is hardly any question about possible oversaturation. I believe that asking about the connection between obesity and narcissism and the therapeutic consequences thereof is a necessity for society as a whole.

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