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Modern short hairstyles for women over 50

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Modern short hairstyles for women over 50

Are you ready for a new hairstyle? If you are just considering whether a short hairstyle is the right haircut for you, then we are happy to help with ideas. The pixie cut for thin hair is a great choice for women over 50 as it is capable of creating an illusion of volume and fullness with very little effort. Read on and discover the most beautiful pixie cuts for women over 50 with thin hair!

From short bob to pixie for a modern 50+ look

Going from long or medium length to short all at once is not always a good decision. Not everyone can take such a drastic change well, so it pays to start with a bob first before switching to the pixie. However, if you are currently wearing a bob, then the short haircut is perfect if you want to go even shorter.

Going from bob to pixie cut is a great way to style thinning hair with age and make it look thicker. Compared to other hairstyles, the short haircut has plenty of texture that can be successfully used to create more volume.

And since a pixie cut has a lot of texture, it needs to be styled regularly. If the hair is only washed and blow-dried, the cut cannot develop its full potential and ends up looking boring. But don’t worry: because of the short hair length, the styling of the short haircut is quite easy and quick.

The pixie cut is a versatile hairstyle

Sassy short hairstyle for thin silver hair over 50

The pixie cut may be short, but it still comes in many different variations. In the basic cut, the hair on the neck and sides is cut shorter and the top hair is kept a little longer and layered. You can vary the length and create numerous looks. A pony goes perfectly with this cut and can also be styled as you like. Whether it’s short and tousled, long and slanted or styled up with extra volume, the look can be completely adapted to your face shape and style.

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Pixie cut for thin hair: the most beautiful looks for women over 50

If you have finally decided on the short haircut, then you only have to find the right style. Check out the following modern thin hair ideas and use them as inspiration for your new hairstyle.

Gray Long Pixie: Two variants to style

Style long pixie for thin hair - two variants

With a pixie cut with longer top hair, the styling options are particularly diverse. You can style the upper section of hair to the side with extra volume or fix it upwards with a styling product. Before leaving the salon, be sure to ask your barber how to style your short haircut on a daily basis.

Spice up the pixie cut for thin hair with an undercut

Platinum blonde short haircut with undercut and side parting

For a particularly sassy and interesting look, you can wear the pixie cut with one side shaved off. The undercut is still a modern short hairstyle that makes older women look younger.

The short version: pixie crop

Blonde pixie crop in a tousled look for women over 50

Want to lose most of your hair? Then the short pixie crop is the right choice. It is perfect if you want to experiment with different hair colors and still scores with lightning-fast styling. To maintain the look, however, you should go to the hairdresser every 2-3 weeks.

Hairstyle for gray thin hair - the pixie cut

If you have finally decided to say goodbye to your colored hair and bring out the natural grey, then the short pixie is just the way to go. You can easily clip off the colored parts of the hair and reveal your new natural hair color.

Choppy pixie cut for thin hair

Short hairstyles for thin hair over 50 - the choppy pixie

A cool cut for thinning hair is the choppy pixie, which heavily textures the top hair. And the best part is that you can experiment every day until you find the look that suits you best.

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And what if you have curly hair? In this post, we show how beautiful a pixie cut looks with curls!

Adjust the length to the shape of the face

Long pixie with bangs for women over 50

When deciding on the length of your pixie, you should consider your face shape. Longer cuts can play around the face and successfully conceal defined cheekbones or chubby cheeks.

Cheeky long pixie cut for women over 50

Cheeky pixie cut for fine gray hair over 50

The asymmetrical cut is also an interesting choice if you want to keep your short haircut bold and modern. Pair the pixie with slanted, layered bangs to add dimension to the hairdo.

Modern short haircut with micro bangs

Pixie cut for thin hair over 50 with micro bangs

For women with round faces, micro bangs can lengthen and flatter the face. With this fringe, the accent is placed on the eyes, so that the whole hairstyle looks very feminine and elegant.

Have you found a suitable haircut for you? For more inspiration and more ideas, check out our other pixie cut ideas for older ladies!

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