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Mundomar: A Haven for Conservation, Animal Welfare, Research, and Dolphin Therapy

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Mundomar: A Haven for Conservation, Animal Welfare, Research, and Dolphin Therapy

Title: Mundomar: A Beacon of Hope for Animal Conservation and Education

In a world grappling with the loss of biodiversity and the endangerment of several species, animal preservation has emerged as a pressing concern. Mundomar, a nature park located in Benidorm, has taken up the mantle of conservation, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness and learn about a diverse range of exotic and marine animals. Beyond showcasing the beauty of these creatures, Mundomar is actively engaged in promoting animal welfare, research, and even dolphin therapy for children. Let’s delve into the incredible work being done at Mundomar and the vital role it plays in preserving our natural heritage.

Conservation Efforts and Exotic Species:
Mundomar boasts a collection of over 80 species, including giant tortoises, macaws, lemurs, saimiris, sea lions, and dolphins. The park’s main objective is to offer visitors an up-close and educational experience while emphasizing the conservation needs of these animals. Daily activities include awe-inspiring demonstrations with dolphins, mammals, and tropical birds, allowing guests to appreciate the lifestyles and risking these creatures face in their natural habitats. Mundomar serves as a testament to the crucial role zoos and parks play in protecting endangered species.

Animal Welfare at the Heart of Operations:
At Mundomar, the well-being of its inhabitants takes precedence. The park employs a team of expert biologists, veterinarians, and caregivers who ensure that the animals receive the necessary medical and emotional care. Routine health checks and necessary medical tests are conducted to maintain optimal health levels and detect any potential pathologies early on. To minimize stress during tests, the park has implemented medical training programs that employ positive reinforcement for the animals.

Environmental Enrichment for Species Well-being:
Mundomar integrates environmental enrichment practices into their routines to ensure the well-being of animals living in controlled environments. These practices stimulate natural behaviors and reduce behaviors acquired under human care. Enrichment activities include social interactions between species, presenting food in different ways, modifying habitat structures and introducing new sounds and textures. These practices promote an active and healthier lifestyle for the animals.

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A Flourishing Community:
Mundomar has experienced a baby boom in the past year, reflecting the park’s successful conservation efforts. Three critically endangered vari lemurs were born, establishing Mundomar as one of the most important complexes in Europe for this species. Additionally, the park welcomed its first-ever flamingo birth and a recent addition, increasing the population of these beautiful birds. These achievements highlight the park’s commitment to the well-being and preservation of endangered species.

Mundomar Foundation: Pioneers in Dolphin Therapy:
For over 20 years, Mundomar’s own foundation has been conducting groundbreaking research programs to preserve the natural environment. Furthermore, they provide unique dolphin therapy to children with specific pathologies, such as autism and cerebral palsy. These therapy sessions aim to improve cognitive abilities, concentration, perception, and social relationships. Remarkably, the foundation offers this therapy altruistically, at no cost to families, and has benefited nearly 10,000 children from around the world.

Mundomar stands as a sanctuary for endangered species and a beacon of hope for animal conservation. The park’s dedication to education, research, and therapy programs showcases their commitment to preserving our natural heritage for future generations. As awareness of the importance of animal conservation continues to grow, Mundomar serves as a shining example of how parks and zoos can play a vital role in protecting our planet’s biodiversity. Plan your visit to Mundomar to witness the beauty and learn about the urgent need for animal preservation.

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