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Pregnant Doctor Attacked in ER: Calls for Improved Hospital Security

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Pregnant Doctor Attacked in ER: Calls for Improved Hospital Security

Pregnant Doctor Attacked in Hospital ER, Medical Union Calls for Increased Security Measures

A pregnant doctor at the Hospital Clínico de Málaga was attacked by a relative of a patient in the emergency room. The incident took place on August 14, and the Málaga Medical Union (SMM) has strongly condemned the assault, citing a concerning trend of violence in health centers and hospitals in the province.

According to the SMM, the attack occurred when one of the patient’s three relatives, who were present despite regulations allowing only one accompanying individual, disagreed with the doctor’s assessment and decisions. The relative pushed and threw the doctor to the ground, despite her being visibly pregnant. The victim’s husband, who is also a doctor, intervened to protect his wife and managed to subdue the assailant. However, ten other companions of the patient joined in, leading to a chaotic situation at the hospital’s access control area, and resulting in the attackers escaping.

The doctor, who is in good health despite the severity of the attack, has reported the incident to the police. The SMM has called on the management of the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital to improve and maintain the security of its professionals, and if necessary, seek help from the police or health authorities. They also highlighted the disparity in security measures between hospitals in the province, insisting that better and more effective security measures are needed.

The hospital management has expressed their strong rejection of such behavior and their concern for the well-being of their professionals and patients. The managing director of the hospital has personally reached out to the attacked professionals to inquire about their condition. In response to the incident and the ongoing fair in the city, the Hospital virgen de la Victoria has increased the number of security guards in the emergency service area to prevent further conflicts, given the increase in cases related to the fair festivities.

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The SMM’s call to improve security in hospitals echoes previous demands for better safety measures. The incident serves as a reminder of the physical risks healthcare professionals face while carrying out their duties.

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