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“The city needs to start over”

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ANCONA – Thousands of people invaded Piazza Roma this afternoon for the election rally of the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In support of centre-right candidate for mayor, Daniele Silvettialso arrived the Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini and the UDC Senator Antonio De Poli. In exactly one week Ancona will have a new mayor and, in view of the imminent electoral appointment, the leaders of the national government have wanted to make their closeness felt to Silvetti and the people of Ancona. «My adventure began here, from this square, last August 23, when I opened the electoral campaign for the political elections that led us to the national government – declares Meloni acclaimed by the public -. The Marche Region under the guidance of the Brothers of Italy with the governor Francesco Acquaroli is giving us great satisfaction and the work it is doing together with the centre-right has a strategic development dimension. Le Marche, a region which, although in the center of Italy, was isolated. A region that enjoys extraordinary beauties but which did not have a recognized brand. We want to unleash its great potential, it is thethe only region in Europe to have a port, airport and interport within a radius of a few km. An incredible logistics hub that brings wealth. However, before us, no one thought of connecting them. We are working for the motorway, the railway, the port, tourism». The prime minister then focused her intervention on the municipal elections of 14 and 15 May. «Here too it is a long and difficult job but in the end we win. We are in the government of the Marche Region and in the government of the nation, the supply chain is working well, but we are only missing one thing (the Municipality of Ancona ed). We have nominated the best person we could nominate for mayor of Ancona. I’ve known Daniele Silvetti for a few decades, he’s a capable, competent person, he has clear ideas and a vision for this city. On the other side (centre-left ed.), when you are used to governing for 30 years, always winning elections, in the end you stop governing and only manage power. That’s what happened in this city. Ancona needs to start over. Today is the first rally I’ve held in the square after the election and as it brought me luck for the Government to open the electoral campaign here, I hope it brings luck to the city government as well».

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«The commitment is that Ancona is Ancona for everyone and that the mayor brings work and safety in all neighborhoods, even for those who live on the floor. There cannot be areas where the people of Ancona are in the minority and marginalized. The welcome is sacrosanct, but knows rules and numbers – says Minister Salvini -. It cannot be only Italy that welcomes immigrants, Europe opens its doors wide». Three commitments made by Salvini as Minister of Infrastructure and Transport for Ancona and the Marches. «The first is that by June I will invite both President Acquaroli and the new mayor of Ancona to the Ministry because we are working on a new regulatory plan for the development of the port. Another concrete answer is that of Orte-Falconara. The Conference of Services which depends on my Ministry will give the final go-ahead for the doubling of a central section of the Orte-Falconara line by the end of May and another 621 million euro of construction sites will be tendered by mid-June. This means work, speed and safety. In these first six months, the change of pace for Ancona and the Marches has been noted in relation to the railways, port and A14 motorway because one cannot die to go to work or to the sea ».


Silvetti will be a great mayor. We are all here because we want to change, we want a center-right mayor in this city, we want Daniele Silvetti mayor of Ancona- comments Deputy Prime Minister Tajani-. Daniele can count on the support of a great fighter who is Silvio Berlusconi. The house of the Municipality is in Ancona, not only those of a party and friends of friends must enter». Tajani then spoke of the importance of the Doric port. «Ancona plays a fundamental role in looking towards the Balkans, I consider this city a bridge with the other side of the Adriatic. The port of Ancona is large and should become even bigger. This is an industrial region and the problem is that it does not have container ships capable of carrying all the products that need to be exported abroad. Here ships that load containers have to go to Gioia Tauro to find bigger container ships. Strengthening the port of Ancona is a commitment we have made with Silvetti, it is fundamental for the economic growth of the Marche Region and of the country”. «Ancona you are ready to look to the future, you are ready to become the great Ancona, to become the capital of the Marches» comments sen. DePoli. Greeted by a huge applause, Daniele Silvetti was among the first to get on stage and speak.

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“Are you ready yet? Our city can become a protagonist again, it needs like the air to rediscover its social cohesion – he says -. After 31 years of centre-left government, it is not a matter of freeing Ancona but of letting fresh air and another idea of ​​the city breathe. We have an opportunity, let’s not let it slip away. They feel the breath on their necks (the center-left ed), we have all the credentials to govern ». «It is a great honor for us to have the leaders of the centre-right here today. It has never happened that the Prime Minister and the Vice President were in the Marche at the same time – says the governor Francesco Acquaroli -. In these first six months of the national government we have had concrete facts for our region. Ancona must go back to being bigger, it must go back to being an authoritative regional capital and with Silvetti it can do it». Without creating a stir, on several occasions a small group of demonstrators holding placards challenged Giorgia Meloni shouting: “We are all anti-fascists, we don’t want you in Ancona”. The event in the crowded Piazza Roma was presented by the actor Pino Insegno and on stage, before the interventions of the political leaders, the tenor David Mazzoni got on stage and captivated the audience by singing the Italian anthem.

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