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Treviso, no vax appeal on the clinic’s headed paper: the doctor Pietro Gasparoni fired

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Treviso, no vax appeal on the clinic’s headed paper: the doctor Pietro Gasparoni fired

The first to distance itself is the Local Health Authority Marca Trevigiana: “He is not our doctor, the Montebelluna Medical Center does not have an agreement with us”. No, he is not, but the line, entrusted to a short press release, is the same: “A letter on headed paper from the Center of Medicine and from Doctor Pietro Gasparoni is circulating on social media: the center is not the author of this communication, from which it dissociates itself entirely, both in form and, above all, in content. The competent authorities will be notified to prevent further disclosure “.

The no vax appeal

At the center of the storm a renowned endocrinologist, with over 200 publications behind him, in fact Dr. Pietro Gasparoni, who has seen fit to launch a no vax appeal from his Facebook page, also using the headed paper of the Center of Medicine (which in the evening will make the decision to fire him) for which he works as a freelancer, being already retired (he is 73 years old). The doctor takes a cue from the invitation to take the fourth dose launched by the Ministry of Health to over 60 and fragile patients to launch a strong invective. In some passages (which we will not report) even offensive against the governor Luca Zaia and the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, targets of very heavy insults. «Don’t get vaccinated! – the debut of the message to the population – or think about it after reading my considerations, shared by many doctors and health professionals, not only no vax. Our defense system is asked to produce only one antibody. The other supply chains, those of natural defense, reduce production, and the subject with the most vaccinations becomes immunodeficient, easily takes Covid-19. The possibility of the so-called herd vaccination is reduced, shingles and viral thyroiditis happen to him, without thinking of more serious pathologies, such as autoimmune diseases or myocardiopathies. But this information will never be said – adds Gasparoni – I have real evidence that the medical profession has an immoral silence in reporting, even if only in doubt, these situations ».

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Fired doctor

The Montebelluna Medical Center has already put the practice in the hands of its lawyers and makes it known: “Doctor Gasparoni made an improper use of letterhead which he should use only for recipes, certainly not for personal reasons. Now we will evaluate the crime hypotheses underlying the complaint that we will file. We cannot suspend the professional, it is a step that belongs to the Treviso Medical Association, to which we have reported it ». For his part, the endocrinologist does not withdraw an inch: “On my Facebook profile I write what I want”. And during the day an official reply also arrives: “I want to show my extreme regret for the echoes generated by my personal evaluation and medical position, the result of my long-standing professional experience, in order to the adequacy or inadequacy of the health prevention tool, as ever I wanted to represent the evaluations and positions of the Center of Medicine and I never wanted to generate the hypothesis that my statements had to do with operational, bioethical and health care choices of the Body ». And in the evening the confirmation of the dismissal arrived: the clinic warns that “the employment relationship with the doctor has been terminated”

The order

Now the Order has to decide what to do, but they are vacation days, we will probably talk about it after August 15th. «When a report arrives, we evaluate it and if we deem it appropriate we call the colleague to whom it is addressed to hear – explains the president Luigino Guarini -. Once heard, there are two options: either the dismissal of the case or the instruction of a disciplinary proceeding before the Albo commission. In the latter case, the right to defense is guaranteed. The hearing is convened within a few days, the entire procedure, if triggered, lasts a few months. At the moment I can say that an article of our code of ethics prohibits the procured alarm, which occurs when the doctor insinuates doubts in patients that are not supported by scientific data or false hopes. Personal opinion is legitimate, but in disclosure one must stick to what science says “. As for the use of the clinic’s letterhead, Guarini agrees: «It must be inherent to the activity carried out by the professional in the structure concerned. And therefore it should be used for prescriptions or to inform the patient about therapies and diagnostic tests. Other statements may be questionable. ‘

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