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Alleged kidnapper of Javier García Maya captured

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Alleged kidnapper of Javier García Maya captured

In the last few hours, the Attorney General’s Office announced that a judge with guarantee control functions,
imposed a security measure in a prison against Yeiner José Rodríguez Bermúdez, for his alleged responsibility in the crimes of aggravated extortionate kidnapping, carrying or possession of firearms, parts or ammunition aggravated, of which the rancher and merchant of Valledupar, Javier García Maya.

The events were recorded on October 28, 2022, at the El Manantial farm, in the Puente Callao village, rural area of ​​Valledupar, where the defendant today, in the company of
Several armed men arrived at the scene and took the victim against his will.

It was established that García Maya was initially taken to the Las Casitas village, south of Valledupar, and then taken in a vehicle to La Guajira.

According to the investigation carried out, the captors demanded the sum of one billion pesos, so as not to make an attempt on his life.

The release of the victim occurred on January 23, 2023, through a rescue operation carried out by the Gaula of the National Police. During the procedure, two firearms were confiscated, which, apparently, were used on the day of the kidnapping.

Rodríguez Bermúdez was captured by uniformed members of the National Police on February 8, in a sector of the El Patrón neighborhood of Riohacha (La Guajira), in compliance with a court order.

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