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Basecamp: The weekend will be suitable for scallops

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Basecamp: The weekend will be suitable for scallops


The cable car is running again from Dedinie in Slovak Paradise. The unique single-seat cable car was opened after a long renovation.
They opened the reconstructed cable car to Geravy

The ravines in the Slovak Paradise are already open after heavy rains, but one must expect an increased water level (hzs).

The Tatra National Park is repairing bridges damaged after intense rains.

Lúčanská Malá Fatra

Four women chose to climb one of the lesser-known ridges that leads from Strečno to Fačkovské sedlo. They completed the route in two days, sleeping in the cozy Grandhotel Partizán, which burned down two years ago, so take a tent or a tent with you. A good place to spend the night in the middle of the route is the saddle below Hnilicka Kýčera.

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White Carpathians

Pavel Forgáč crossed the ridge of the White Carpathians, which started in Púchov, on the route are the Vršatské bradla, the Vršatec castle, the excavations in the vicinity of Hrozenkov and the peak of Veľká Javorina. It is a substantial hike, the author climbed 4,000 meters in two days.

Great Fatra

Tomáš Kulla crossed the ridge of Veľká Fatra from Ľubochne through the cottage under Borisov to Turecká. The Turčianska branch of the ridge, where the highway passes, is much less visited than the neighboring Liptov branch, but just as interesting. Worth mentioning is the peak of Kopa above the planned Korbeľka tunnel, a night at Chata pod Borišov by the light of kerosene lamps, and the view from Krížná.

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Bukov hills

The Bukov hills, or Poloniny, are still a mysterious mountain range in the absolute east of Slovakia on the border with Ukraine and Poland. Martin Baniari started the transition in Nova Sedlica, the easternmost village in Slovakia. The very first part of the route takes you through Stužica, our largest forest. The view from Veľká Ravka is attractive, you can sleep in the cozy hut under Čerteža.

Maple trees

Ľubo Mäkký rode the crest of the Javorník Mountains on his bike, admired the mountain meadows and Kysucké solitudes in addition to the views, he also incorporated a local motorbike and a swimming pool in Čadec into the logistics. The entire route is very accessible by mountain bike.

Tip for a bike tour with children

Fačkovské sedlo is most often the starting point for the ascent to Kľak or an intermediate station for long-distance hikers on the Cesta hrdinov SNP. If you have half a day, bring your bikes and want to try something different, there is a 17-kilometer cycle path with an elevation gain of 450 meters. It is an educational cycling route created by the operator of the Fačkov ski lifts. It is also suitable for more fit children.

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I think anyone who regularly roams the mountains has a lot of experience with storms. It is something that a tourist simply cannot avoid, and I personally consider it the most dangerous thing in the mountains that can happen to me. I have also experienced something. From an unexpected storm at the top of Krížna to an extremely lightning-active storm on the Krupinská plain. Each of the experiences is a separate story, but no storm has left such an impression on me as the one I experienced in Šumava.

The ridge of the Low Tatras is more popular every year, overnight stays on the ridge must be reserved or a tent

From the photo gallery

Early evening on Vysoká – Photo: Gallery / Branislav Krátký

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The weather

According to SHMÚ, it will be clear to partly cloudy on Saturday. Rare fog or low cloud cover in the morning. The lowest night temperature 13 to 8, in the valleys around 6 degrees.
The highest daily temperature is 23 to 28 degrees, rarely colder in the north.

It will be the same on Sunday, in the afternoon there will be occasional showers or thunderstorms in mountainous areas. The lowest night temperature 15 to 10, in the valleys around 8 degrees.
The highest daily temperature is 25 to 30 degrees.

Restrictions on hiking trails

High and Western Tatras
The green TZCH Svorad – Spain – Lomnô (Lomné) and the green TZCH Proscekné – Borovianky valley in Chočské vrchy are poorly marked, with limited access. Bridges in Bobrovecká dolina, Hlboka dolina and Bystra dolina are torn down and in poor technical condition.

Low Tatras
Due to the number of fallen trees, the red trail from Široká dolina towards Pekná vyhlídka, the red trail from Ludrova to Salatín is difficult to pass.

In Prielom Dunajec, expect restrictions related to road reconstruction.

Little Fatra Malý Rozsutec green trail – Podrozsutec settlement is damaged after previous rains, HZS recommends ascent and descent to Malý Rozsutec only from Medzirozsutec saddle.

Current seasonal closures

Malá Fatra National Park

Seasonal closure until August 15:

Sedlo Podžiar – Boboty – Tiesňavy.

All Slovak via ferratas are open.

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