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Brawl at the amusement park, reported nineteen of Godega

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Brawl at the amusement park, reported nineteen of Godega

Three were responsible for the attack at the amusement park.

The carabinieri of the Sacile station have identified and deferred in a state of freedom the perpetrators of the attack on a minor that took place on March 19 at the funfair set up in those days in the city. They are a 19 year old from Godega Sant’Urbano, a 20 year old from Porcia (Pordenone) and a 17 year old from Fiume Veneto (Pordenone).

They will have to answer for the crimes of private violence and serious injuries in competition. On that occasion, a fight broke out involving about fifty young people and one of these, a 17-year-old resident of Gaiarine, was taken to the pediatric emergency room of the Pordenone hospital for a fracture of the nasal bones. The investigations have ascertained that in the previous months, again in Sacile, the same seventeen-year-old, following quarrels, would have beaten his peers from the province of Treviso.

For this reason, on March 19, several young people from Pordenone, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto met at the Sacile amusement park with the intention of taking revenge. According to what emerged, after identifying him, they attacked him vehemently, hitting him with fists, slaps and kicks while other young people took the scene with their cell phones. From the videos we see how the victim tried several times to escape his assailants trying to escape but without success because he was intercepted, detained and beaten several times. When the police patrols arrived, the attackers fled on foot.

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