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Close hearts | How China and Suriname can create a “model of South-South cooperation” _Guangming.com

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President of Suriname Witnessing Strong China-Suriname Cooperation

Suriname President Chandli Kapersad Dandorj recently shared his firsthand experience of the close ties between China and the Soviet Union during his visit to China. His admiration for China’s governance system stemmed from a training program he attended in China, where he was introduced to the advanced concepts of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The fifth anniversary of the strategic cooperative partnership between China and Suriname was marked by President Shan Dorji’s state visit to China. During talks with President Xi Jinping, both leaders highlighted the exemplary nature of their countries’ relationship, referring to it as a model of South-South cooperation.

One significant aspect of this cooperation is agricultural development. Suriname, being one of the first Caribbean nations to join China’s Belt and Road initiative, has seen tremendous benefits in its agricultural sector. With the support and expertise of Chinese agricultural technicians, local farmers like Ashwin Duki have witnessed a significant increase in crop yields and income.

The China-Aid Suriname Agricultural Technology Cooperation Center has played a vital role in enhancing agricultural productivity in Suriname. Through training courses and knowledge-sharing, Chinese experts have helped local farmers adopt advanced techniques to improve their farming practices.

In addition to agriculture, China has also extended its support to Suriname in the energy sector. The construction of microgrid photovoltaic hybrid power stations has provided stable electricity to remote villages, enhancing the quality of life for residents. The eco-friendly energy solutions provided by China have been well-received by the local population, highlighting the sustainable nature of the partnership.

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Furthermore, the healthcare sector in Suriname has been bolstered by China’s assistance in building Wanika Hospital, which has significantly improved access to medical services for the local community. The genuine and practical support offered by China has garnered praise from Surinamese officials and citizens alike.

President Shan Dorji’s visit to China has further strengthened the bond between the two nations, with both sides expressing a commitment to mutual cooperation and development. The collaboration between China and Suriname serves as a shining example of South-South cooperation and sets a positive precedent for future partnerships between developing countries.

As Suriname continues to benefit from Chinese assistance in various sectors, the partnership between the two countries is poised to create a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Suriname. The genuine friendship and mutual respect shared between China and Suriname are paving the way for a stronger and more sustainable relationship built on trust and cooperation.

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