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Delivery date for Cali-Candelaria dual carriageway announced, see when it will be

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Delivery date for Cali-Candelaria dual carriageway announced, see when it will be

At the end of the Strategic Infrastructure Projects Monitoring Roundtable, the governor of Valle del Cauca, Clara Luz Roldán, stated that on November 14 the Cali-Candelaria dual carriageway will be officially handed over.

The president stated in this regard that “the next visit to the dual carriageway to officially hand it over, in addition to visiting the Juanchito bridge and being able to cross it on both carriageways, will be in November.”

It should be noted that prior to the meeting, a tour of the works on the Cali-Candelaria dual carriageway was carried out, where the progress of 100% of the works on the Cavasa-Crucero Candelaria section, which includes 7,400 meters, was confirmed among the progress. as is the cycle path included in this project, which has lighting and two bridges over the Frayle River, one for vehicular traffic and the other that connects the cycle path.

Likewise, the 9.8 kilometers of the Cali – Cavasa section are finished.

This intervention by the Government of Valle del Cauca also included complementary road safety works for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

This is how there are two pedestrian bridges, one located in the Poblado Campestre sector, another in the 20 de Julio sector and lighting in the populated centers of this section.

On the other hand, the percentage of progress of the bridge superstructure is currently 95%, while in the approaches it is 55%.


When referring to the work, Frank Ramírez, Secretary of Infrastructure of the Valley, who also confirmed the progress in the superstructure of the new Juanchito bridge, stated that “within the strategy of the Invincible Route through the Valley, we have been monitoring the large infrastructure projects, especially those that have to do with the dual carriageway between Cali-Candelaria and the new Juanchito bridge.

“We have made great progress in the sense that the dual carriageway is completely finished.”

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In addition, the official stated that “we have been able to corroborate one more progress on the new Juanchito bridge, let us remember that we already have the north road completely finished and by the following month we will have the south road united.”


As you may remember, the Cali – Candelaria road is the epicenter of one of the most important infrastructure projects currently being carried out in Valle del Cauca.

The modern road, together with the Juanchito bridge, are one of the most important infrastructure works of the current departmental administration.

The highway is divided into two sections, Crucero de Candelaria-Cavasa of 6.7 kilometers and Cali – Cavasa of 9.8 kilometers.

Along with the dual carriageway, a 17-kilometer long cycle path was also built.

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