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Dilok earned a million hryvnias on the repair of shelters in Kyiv

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Dilok earned a million hryvnias on the repair of shelters in Kyiv

In the capital, after the tragic death of Kyiv residents near a closed shelter during a rocket attack by the Rashists, they began to actively check the condition of places where people can hide during air attacks.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, one of the participants in the criminal scheme – the head of a contracting organization – was notified of suspicion of misappropriation of budget funds allocated for the repair of shelters in the capital. He is charged with misappropriation of budget funds for capital repairs of shelters and official forgery (Part 4 of Article 191, Part 2 of Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

“According to the investigation, in July 2022, officials of the Holosiivska district state administration in the city of Kyiv, with the aim of seizing budget funds, ensured that a controlled company won the tender for the overhaul of the simplest shelters and protective structures at a school in the Holosiivska district. After the completion of the works, the contractor entered false information into the official documents regarding their scope and cost. The illegal actions of the participants of the scheme caused losses of more than a million hryvnias to the capital budget.says the message.

Currently, the question of selecting a preventive measure for the suspect is being resolved. Based on the results of a number of examinations, the issue of holding officials of the Holosiiv District State Administration to criminal liability will be resolved.

Earlier, the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko reported on the inspection of 1,600 shelters, of which 10 percent were closed, and a third, to which access was free, was in an unsatisfactory condition.

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Photo of the prosecutor’s office


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