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(Going to the grassroots during the New Year) New Year’s Eve dinner for the “Bridge Keepers”: always tense and “reunited” with family members – China News Service

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The Tongjiang Border Inspection Station in northern China was abuzz with activity on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year as police officers worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of the Tongjiang China-Russia Railway Bridge and the restricted area of the port.

Lu Yangzheng, the instructor of the Second Team of the Tongjiang Border Inspection Station, and his colleagues braved the snow and freezing temperatures to patrol the bridge, constantly on high alert for any signs of abnormal activity. Despite the challenging conditions, they remained dedicated to their duty of safeguarding the national gate for the motherland.

The Tongjiang-China-Russia Railway Bridge not only serves as a crucial railway transportation channel from China to Russia but also plays a significant role in connecting Tongjiang City with Lower Ninskoye in the Jewish Autonomous Prefecture of Russia. The bridge has opened up a new Eurasian intermodal transport channel, strengthening the connection between China and Europe.

As they patrolled the bridge, the officers were called to investigate an abnormality at one of the bridge’s points. Despite the bitter cold and fierce winds, they quickly responded to the call, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to their duty. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the alarm had been triggered by a bird, highlighting the constant vigilance and dedication required of the bridge guarding police.

After three hours of intense patrolling, the officers returned to the service room to continue their New Year’s Eve traditions. They gathered to make dumplings, a time-honored tradition that holds special significance during the Chinese New Year celebration. Despite being unable to be with their families in person, they connected with them via video, finding solace in the warm, familiar aroma of the dumplings that filled the room.

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The officers reflected on their role as the guardians of the national gate, acknowledging the sacrifices they make to ensure the security and happiness of the people. Despite missing out on traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations, they found fulfillment in knowing that their unwavering dedication to their duty was the sweetest “New Year’s Eve dinner” in their hearts.

The officers at the Tongjiang Border Inspection Station serve as a shining example of selfless dedication and sacrifice, ensuring the safety and security of the nation even during the most cherished celebrations. Their commitment to duty serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions made by those who protect and serve their communities.

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