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Health tests on ex exposed to asbestos to prevent disease – Sardinia

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Health tests on ex exposed to asbestos to prevent disease – Sardinia

At the Asl of Oristano, an innovative project on a worldwide level

(ANSA) – ORISTANO, JULY 06 – Preventing serious pathologies in people who have worked in contact with asbestos. The Asl of Oristano has been the forerunner in Sardinia for an absolutely innovative project worldwide. The health authority was the first to subject 48 residents of its territory to a series of tests to identify early markers, or sentinels of disease.

The Arrdia (Asbestos related respiratory diseases in industrial areas) project proposed by Roberto Cherchi, director of the complex structure of thoracic surgery at Arnas Brotzu in Cagliari and financed with European funds, started from the Oristano area in collaboration with the regional association ex exposed asbestos, chaired by Giampaolo Lilliu.

For three years the samples and tests were aimed at identifying the indicators of three serious pathologies, developed by the inhalation of “Absestos”, small asbestos fibres: the results will be known between September and October. Not only workers are affected, but also their families, such as wives who cleaned their husbands’ clothing contaminated by asbestos. “Even more than thirty years later, this dangerous contact can develop lung cancer in the body, the form of cancer that causes the most deaths in the world. Or pleural cancer, the least curable form of cancer and interstitial lung disease absestosis, which causes difficulty in breathing and risks affecting the life of those who suffer this type of damage for the worse – explains Cherchi – We looked for these early markers not only in the blood, but also in the breath, composed of gas and water vapor.

With a new equipment we have collected the watery parts of the breath and now we want to understand if the same type of molecules are found in the blood and in the breath”.

An experimentation, which represents a world novelty and which will be replicated in the most important cancer research center in India, the Tata Memorial Hospital, in collaboration with the University of Cagliari and the researcher Sara de Matteis. (HANDLE).

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