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Juraj Medvec: Zuzana Čaputová in Iceland | Opinions | .a week

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Juraj Medvec: Zuzana Čaputová in Iceland |  Opinions |  .a week

at the summit of the Council of Europe in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík, we have a presence that we do not need to be ashamed of. President Zuzana Čaputová praised the contribution of the Council of Europe to peace, security and democracy in Europe. At the same time, she clearly condemned the Russian aggression in Ukraine, which led to the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the prestigious international organization.

Because of the Council of Europe, we have, for example, the European Court of Human Rights, which prevents and corrects the worst excesses of politicians. You don’t always have to agree with his decisions, but it is nevertheless a strong point in the defense of democracy and the rule of law in Europe. It was exactly this side of the Council of Europe and its subsidiary institutions that Čaputová highlighted in Iceland.

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