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Laughter on social media about crooked Christmas tree in the city center: “It looks like the Tower of Pisa” (Oudenaarde)

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The technical department of the city of Oudenaarde straightened the Christmas tree on Tuesday morning.© VAT


The tower of Pisa, Like this the Christmas tree on the Market in Oudenaarde was described by some on social media. Furthermore, nothing but praise for the beautiful decoration, but the tree was crooked. The Christmas tree was put up on Tuesday morning.

“And so Oudenaarde once again has the most talked about Christmas tree in the country,” sighs Alderman of Events John Adam (Open Vld). “The Christmas tree gets nothing but praise for its absolutely beautiful decorations, but this time it was crooked. That has now been remedied. We managed to straighten the Christmas tree on Tuesday morning, a job that was completed by the men from the technical service.”

“It seems like our Christmas tree is cursed, because it happens almost every year. For example, a few years ago we made the news with the ugliest Christmas tree in the country. The tree barely had any branches. The supplier also had problems with our Christmas tree in the canal, somewhere in the Ardennes. One year the lights on the tree were also mocked. The decoration then had to be completely reapplied.” (Read more below the photo)

Oudenaarde’s crooked Christmas tree was quickly compared to the Tower of Pisa on social media.© rr

Things actually went wrong last week when the supplier brought the Oudenaarde Christmas tree to the Market. “It wasn’t the tree we asked for,” says Johhn Adam. “It was a two-trunk tree, while we had ordered a single-trunk tree.”

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“Because we had promised the Oudenaarde traders that the Christmas tree would already be on the Market as part of the Winter Warmth event, there was no time left to bring in another tree. Moreover, there appeared to be a hole in the tree. Some branches were broken off during transport. That gap was filled with a smaller copy, which was intended for the Volkegem sub-municipality. Volkegem will get a new Christmas tree this week.”

“Too bad for technical service”

“I thought it was especially bad for the employees of our technical department that some people were making fun of the crooked Christmas tree on social media in recent days. Last week they worked for four days in rain and wind to get the Christmas tree ready in full regalia. It’s a shame that it had to be about the leaning tree and not about their fantastic efforts,” concludes Alderman John Adam.

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