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Meeting between Sebastián Yatra and Mia Khalifa caused a stir in networks

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Meeting between Sebastián Yatra and Mia Khalifa caused a stir in networks

Sebastián Obando Giraldo, better known as Sebastián Yatra, is a Colombian singer-songwriter who reached one of the highest peaks of his career by performing songs like Traicionera, Give me back my heart, Couple of the Year. He has been in the magnifying glass of his followers by sharing a video together with Mia Khalifa.

And it is that the singer-songwriter does not stop surprising his fans with his collaborations and with the meetings with other artists or recognized characters on digital platforms. In this way, the artist was recently shown accompanied by the adult film actress, Mia Khalifa, leaving several questions about this and turning on social networks.

During the last few weeks, the singer has been extremely busy not only due to the release of his most recent song titled Vagabundo, but also due to numerous performances in different countries and a schedule full of commitments.

And it was precisely at one of these events that the Colombian artist was sharing all kinds of images and videos of the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. There Yatra appeared with other great personalities recognized in the entertainment world such as singer Pharrel Williams and actor Jared Leto.

In the midst of the multitude of personalities present, Yatra published a video in which she is seen together with the artist of Lebanese origin, who was also one of the prominent guests in this parade.

In the Instagram stories that the paisa shared, the artist can be seen focusing on several of those present in the place, including Mia, who did not hesitate to pose and make funny gestures when the Colombian pointed his lens at her.

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Unlike Jared Leto, however, who shared a Sebastián Yatra story on his own profile, Khalifa opted not to do the same and instead showed other aspects of the event afterwards, highlighting how much fun he had in the company of other members of the entertainment and fashion industry.

For his part, the singer did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the fact that Leto has shared the story in which they appear together on his account. This action was enthusiastically received by Yatra, who expressed his gratitude and joy for the gesture of the renowned actor.

For the moment, the fans of the Colombian artist believed that it was all about a possible collaboration, since Khalifa has shown herself, in recent years, to be passionate about urban genre music, for which she shares several songs in Spanish from your favorite artists like: Bad Bunny, Karol G, Feid, Jhay Cortez, Becky G, among other artists.
Mia Khalifa celebrated the relationship between Karol G and Feid

Despite the fact that rumors about the possible relationship between the renowned paisa urban music artists, Karol G and Feid, arose months ago after a sensual dance during one of their concerts in front of thousands of spectators, it was not until recently, when they performed an official confirmation without uttering a single word about it. With some photographs holding hands.

In this way, the couple is consolidated as one of the most popular of the moment, also sends a forceful message to Karol G’s ex-partner, Anuel AA, who had sent all kinds of hints to La Bichota in an attempt to want to recover her love.

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Among the people who commented on it, the adult film actress Mia Khalifa stood out, who used her official Twitter account to make her opinion known with a single word.

Accompanied by two of the new photos of the singers, Mia Khalifa trilled: “period.”, a term used to end something. with Infobae

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