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More than 300 Army officers could leave the institution

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More than 300 Army officers could leave the institution

Some members of the public force continue to be concerned about the new indications within the Army; and it is that, this time, it is likely that 350 older people will leave because there are no quotas for them to be promoted and they have already been given the order to take the promotion course, which could give them the opportunity to exercise a new leadership or the definitive exit of the institution.

According to Semana magazine, the concern arose after a circular was made public in which 599 commandos, chiefs of the General Staff, officers and non-commissioned officers in the highest rank, were required to attend a training course. General Staff and military information for the year 2024. And although from the outset it seems like a good opportunity, if you look closely, the problem arises when it becomes clear that there are only 250 places for promotions, so after taking the course , which lasts 2 days, more than half of the people summoned will stay outside the institution.

“The course is like an adaptation to civilian life for those who do not call for that promotion. That is to say, that in the middle or at the end of the year, 350 older people will be left out of the institution. There are 600 to ascend and only 250 places. The situation is very serious, because the military career ends there, since there are no places for promotions,” said one of the soldiers who received the circular and who decided to remain anonymous to the Colombian media.

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For now, the institution has not ruled, but the magazine maintains that many of those who are concerned point out that in two days they will not be able to know what will be of their future and that throughout their professional lives they have not had option B.

It is not the first case of this type, as a similar complaint was made last week. Since 700 soldiers were notified of their departure from the institution and were not allowed to finish the year of training and transition to civilian life.

“Our right to study has been cut off, we were studying and we received a notification that says that for 20 years of service we have the right to a pension, but we are not being considered for adaptation to civilian life,” he said. a soldier who preferred to remain anonymous to the Colombian media and added that the situation is worrisome, since within the institution no one will respond and for them it is to base being able to receive help in this process, not only in academic but medical terms.

In this case, the Army mentioned, days later, that due process had not been violated and that all the complainants and their companions had completed the course for civilian life, added to the fact that they can count on the family psychosocial and legal support led by the Staff Command.

“The Assisted Retirement Preparation Program for Professional Soldiers, aims to provide educational tools so that soldiers who are nearing the end of their military career continue to be productive in society, the program is accompanied by academic offers, whether technical or technology that in alliance with SENA is executed at the national level”, the institution told Noticias RCN. with Infobae

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