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offers from Tecnomeccanica and Niche Fusina — Companies

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offers from Tecnomeccanica and Niche Fusina — Companies

Presentation of plans by possible investors, Technomechanics e Niche Fusina; summary of the offers and next steps in the dispute; finally, the communication, next Tuesday (12 March), from the investor who will receive the exclusivity to finalize the transfer transaction. This is what was defined by the meeting at Ministry of Business and Made in Italy regarding the fate of Marelli plant in Crevalcore (Bologna).

“It was a very important step forward – commented the president of Region, Stefano Bonacciniand the councilor for economic development, Vincenzo Colla-. The two entities involved put their face to it, coming to the table with their top representatives: a sign of responsibility and seriousness. We leave this meeting refreshed – continue the president and councilor – and, leaving all the space necessary for the necessary evaluations to define who will be the subject who will have the exclusive discussion, we can say that both present all the conditions to move towards a concrete solution. We have therefore moved on from the announcement of the closure of the plant to one industrial solution: this is what we hoped for as institutions. Now – continue Colla and Bonaccini – there are the conditions for the Region to confirm the own availability to accompany the industrial projectof course as long as any solution comes also shared by trade unions and workers’ organisations. The projects presented, in fact, are serious and include investments for the Crevalcore site, both with an important social solution. Thanks to the initiative of the trade union organizations and workers who have demonstrated firmness and seriousness in these difficult months, as well as the positive collaboration with local institutions. We also appreciated – conclude Bonaccini and Colla – the presence and availability given by Invitalia. There will also be an initial meeting between Marelli and the unions to begin discussing the social plan announced by Marelli”.

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The two offers

The offer of Tecnomeccanica Spaa Piedmontese company active in the die-cast aluminum sector, involves melting and processing of aluminum and was illustrated by the managing director Simone Ferrucci; the one of Niche Fusina Rolled Products Srl (which belongs to the US group Dada), a Venetian company that produces aluminum laminates, only envisages fusion and was presented by the CEO Vincenzo Zinni. Now the parties involved will carefully examine the plans presented, and then give an evaluation.

The next steps

By the end of March/beginning of April, Marelli and the trade unions they will define the social plan for workers who are not included in the transfer of the business unit; those that will converge will be identified and there will be alignment/sharing between the investor and the trade unions. By the end of April/beginning of May, if the exclusivity goes to Tecnomeccanica, Invitalia will carry out the due diligence to confirm the requested support; there will be finalization of the terms and conditions and the definition of the business branch. Finally, by the end of May/beginning of June, if the previous operations have been successful, he will take over.

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