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Pensioner captured for alleged sexual abuse

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Pensioner captured for alleged sexual abuse

Officials from the Basic Criminal Investigation Unit of SEPRO, of the Police in Cesar, captured a 40-year-old man, in the Divino Niño neighborhood of Valledupar, for alleged sexual abuse.

The captured individual was identified as José Vanegas, a pensioner, who is required by court order issued by the First Criminal Court of the Circuit with Knowledge Function of Valledupar for the crime of aggravated sexual act with a minor under 14 years of age.

Within the investigation work carried out in 2018 when the victim was 9 years old, this subject allegedly took advantage of the closeness with the victim’s family and repeatedly touched him of a sexual nature, this being brought to the attention of the CAIVAS Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of his mother.

Due to the above, Vanegas Alvarino is made aware of his rights as a captured person, who must respond for what was previously stated in the code of criminal procedure in its article 209.

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