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Petro will be part of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State

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Petro will be part of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State

The international tour of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, continues: in the last few hours, the Presidency of the Republic confirmed that the president will arrive next week in the Dominican Republic to attend the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State.

This was reported by sources from the Colombian Executive to the EFE news agency, which confirmed that the president will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán. The event, as they announced, will be next Friday, March 24 and will run until Saturday the 25th.

According to what was reported, there will be at least 14 leaders from around the world. There, Petro will meet, again, with King Felipe VI, whom he has not seen since his presidential inauguration in August 2022. Likewise, the Central American nation will be attended by other heads of state such as the Argentine Alberto Fernández, the Costa Rican Rodrigo Chávez and that of the Spanish government Pedro Sánchez.

This event will be unprecedented because, since the covid-19 pandemic that forced the nations of the world to take measures to contain the virus, it was not held in person, so there are high expectations in the international community about the event. issue.

This edition, which will be number 28, comes after the 2021 version, which Iván Duque attended in a hybrid way, was held in Andorra and brought with it a more global perspective of the health crisis faced by the inhabitants of the globe terrestrial

However, this version will seek to promote the union of the continent, prioritizing pillars such as equity and sustainability that, according to the information, will have as its motto “Together for a fair and sustainable Ibero-America.”

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In fact, due to the agreement in the pandemic, public health will continue to be taken into account to ensure that all the countries of the American region, which is usually one of the hardest hit when there are health problems, have the support of all the other first world countries.

Moreover, it is expected that within what is discussed, the creation of public policies that provide greater guarantees to citizens who will be represented by their respective rulers, who will advocate for an end to the disparities that are the bread of every day in Latino societies. Likewise, achieving economic equity will be discussed to allow better conditions for the more than 600 million inhabitants of Ibero-America, according to the event’s agenda.

Food security, which is another of Gustavo Petro’s bets for Colombia, will also have a space in the event that will take place in the Dominican Republic, governed by Luis Abinader.

It should be mentioned that the Colombian head of state has not missed any of the summits in which his world counterparts have met. This, as Petro has said on different occasions, is part of the strategy with which he seeks to consolidate his fight to preserve the environment.

In fact, in the last few hours, the president referred to how to seek to take care of the Amazon Forest, which, it is presumed, will be one of the issues that will be addressed during the Dominican convention together with the world leaders who will arrive in that nation next week.

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“The revitalization of the Amazon Forest and the recovery of its deforested area. Today Congress has in its hands in the budget addition the possibility of approving 600,000 million for this year for this purpose, ”said Gustavo Petro on his Twitter account.

Press reports ensure that avoiding deforestation, controlling climate change and the bets that the leaders have to contribute to these topics will be other axes that will be addressed. with Infobae

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