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Roy Barreras and Petro deserve the Oscar for “best handwashing”: Jennifer Pedraza

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Roy Barreras and Petro deserve the Oscar for “best handwashing”: Jennifer Pedraza

On Thursday, March 23, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Parada, asked the Congress of the Republic to withdraw the political reform project during the session of the First Commission of the Senate; there this proposition was put to a vote and the withdrawal of the article was approved with 16 votes (unanimous). In this regard, the representative to the Chamber Jennifer Pedraza Sandoval referred to the failure of the initiative.

Through her social networks, the congresswoman expressed that: “The Oscar for best hand washing goes to…”.

“I remind you, Mr. @RoyBarreras, that you presented a positive paper to this monstrosity of Political Reform. Now the micos of the Political Reform went behind everyone’s back. To another dog with that bone @petrogustavo”, added the representative Pedraza in a tweet.

In her message attacking the fallen project of the Government of Gustavo Petro, the congresswoman attached a photograph that she showed when the president of the Congress of the Republic, Roy Barreras, presented the paper on Political Reform. In contrast to the video of the politician on Thursday, March 23, when he asked the national government to withdraw the political reform, while he tore up two white sheets.

The senator of the Historical Pact pointed out that without some points of the articles this was not worth it.

“A reform without a closed gender parity list is not worth it and today I ask the minister and the government to withdraw this reform that no longer makes any sense. This is my position on the mandatory closed political reform, ”said the president of the Senate as he tore several pages in two.

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On the other hand, the representative Jennifer Pedraza in her official Twitter account expressed her opinion about the fall of the Reform: “it falls because it betrays the change and favors politicking. Until yesterday they devoutly defended it with everything and monkeys. In addition, she told the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, and the speaker of the project, the representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact, Heáclito Landines Suárez, to defend her and try to rescue her.

“Prada sold it as a change, balancing it with traditional parties and the speaker (Pact) almost giving away Ministries to Congressmen so that they vote for them,” the congresswoman assured in a trill.
They are burying political reform, even President Petro assured that it no longer has anything “progressive”

After this letter became known – via Twitter – from the Historical Pact bench in the House of Representatives, the same president of Colombia pointed out that the reform no longer had anything “progressive”, for which he distanced himself from the project.

“I think that in the political reform there is no progressive issue left. Without closed lists and zippers, that is to say that allow equal seats for men and women and without state financing of the campaigns, the reform does not contribute to an advance in the quality of politics, “said the president on his official Twitter account.

Other politicians who requested to change and withdraw the Political reform project

One of the first congressmen who supports the president, but who disagrees with the Bill was the representative Katherine Miranda, who shared a letter signed by other congressmen who asked to withdraw certain points of the political reform.

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“Through this, the signatories here call to request the elimination of paragraph 1 of article 6 and the transitory paragraph of article 7 of the paper filed before the First Committee of the Senate, since these provisions allow the automatic re-election of the current congress; and contemplates the revolving door so that congressmen can be Ministers and if they wish, they can return to Congress again,” the letter said.

In the letter, the congressmen specify that they had to resort to this method to prevent the political reform from being approved. This is due to the fact that President Gustavo Petro, as head of government, would not have responded to the requests or previous suggestions made to him by the legislature.

“We made this request because, despite the multiple attempts to agree on the text with the National Government and with the Congressmen who claim to represent the change, it has not been possible to eliminate the repeatedly denounced monkeys from the Political Reform,” the statement reads. letter, which included an additional request: “In its absence, if the above is not accepted, we request the withdrawal of the Draft Act.”

Finally, the congressmen made a suggestion to the national government, which calls itself the “Government of Change.” with Infobae

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